Christmas time question

We have a need to travel in December, but the dates aren’t set yet. My question is Christmas time a good time to ask for sitters or a terrible time? We can adjust our dates, but it would seem that right around Christmas would be a good time, since so many people are traveling to see loved ones. We are in the Nashville area, with a LOT of new transplants, so I would think a lot of people would want to travel here at that time. Thank you! Michael

Hi Michael,
I can only speak for myself, of course, but I actively looked for a sit over the Christmas period. To be with animals in a new location is very appealing in the winter for some reason! I have secured a 6 week sit, starting just before Christmas and close to family. Many people may be looking for sits in areas where they have family, so it could work out really well over that period. Good luck!


I always sit over holidays, but for the same couple of people. It has seemed to me that Christmas is a tough time to get sitters — it’s extremely competitive as many sitters also want to be home with their families.
I suggest you list early and offer that your dates can be flexible. Good luck!


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Hi @Elvador it’s hard to believe that we are discussing Christmas already … although perhaps not so hard it is September!!

There are a number of conversations on the forum about Christmas sits and sitting … here is one such thread which is a great conversations with some helpful insights … to search topics of interest simply use the spyglass and enter any key words.

There are also some excellent articles on the website blog …

Sitters choose to sit for many different reasons and Holiday times are no different, we love sitting at Christmas as we can be near family and friends without being too close … “Sorry we have to leave we have our furry friends to get back to” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you are looking for a sitter for your pet over the Christmas period it is best to go live with your listing ASAP

With more people travelling to see family and friends and a smaller pool of sitters available than usual this is the busiest time of the year.

I can just speak for us, but we are very open to Christmas/New Year’s sitting, as long as it doesn’t involve travel to and from the location on the actual holidays. As long as we have enough time to prepare adequately (grocery shop, discuss emergency contacts etc. with the homeowners etc.) it could be fun. Things we would definitely look for though are sits of a week or longer, due to holiday travel pricing. But there is a definite appeal to holiday sitting of someone else’s pets, since we no longer have our own. Good luck with your search!


It’s a great time but there will be a high demand for sitters, so it might be good to list early. We often travel during this time and visit our parents for other occasions. Good success! PS: The advice by Harris2 is great, we would also really not want to travel on 24/25.12 (that would be a complete nightmare with public transportation, at least over here).

I will spend Christmas at the airport. I would have loved to have a sit over Christmas and I guess a lot people would love to. Full time travellers/housesitters need a place on Christmas as well :slight_smile:

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Please add your profile to the forum, (or DM me the link} as you didn’t say how long it what part of town.

I’m not sure how to do that. There’s no “Share” option on the listing. We are closest to Spring Hill, which is 1/2 hour south of Nashville. Very quiet country setting.

@Elvador Here are the instructions you need:

How to embed a link to your listing in your forum username/profile

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I did it, thank you! It’s all new to me.

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We are full time nomads and have done Christmas Sits each year of our membership- in Australia, Singapore & Spain! At Christmas we choose sits that are longer- 3/4 weeks preferably starting mid Dec to mid Jan. This avoids the peak flight costs and gives us a chance to settle in over the holiday period. Right now we are already talking about where we might like to sit over Christmas this year!
We would not choose a Sit that starts on actual holiday days- 25 or ends on 31 Dec.