New Member in Golden, Colorado

Hi everyone, I’m new to THS this year. I’m looking for a sitter for 3 weeks around Christmas and into the middle of January. Plenty of people saving my listing but no applicants as of yet. I still have almost 6 weeks before my dates start so not panicked but curious as to how long before do sitters normally start making plans - and applying?

I’m planning in traveling every other month or so for 2 to 3 weeks at a time and am looking to get organized for the coming year. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi @CliveM. Welcome to the community forum. Golden is such a wonderful area. Too bad I’m already busy at the holidays, or I’d jump at the chance to sit there again.

We encourage new forum members to add a link to your TrustedHousesitters page in your forum profile, then ask forum members to look at it and suggest ways to fine tune it if possible. Hopefully that will help you find that perfect next sitter.

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Hi Clive
Welcome to THS and to the Forum.
I do hope you find some sitters for Christmas. A lot of sitters will have been booked up for a while. The question you ask has been posed several times before so if you put ‘Booking a sitter for Christmas’ in the search field you can read the answers.
Do what @Karen-Moderator suggests to increase your chances. You only need that one sitter, or couple to reach out to you when you make your listing as attractive as possible.
Good luck!

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Hi @CliveM,

Just wanted to add that Golden, CO is one of my favorite places in the whole world and especially during the winter! I think taking @Karen-Moderator advice and adding your link to your forum profile here can help. If you need help with doing that let one of us on the forum team know and we would be happy to assist. As a HO myself I like to put up my listings around 3 months before departure especially for sits that happen around the holidays since many sitters tend to book well in advance for those sits. While I think you still have time to find a great sitter now is the time to make use of the “find a sitter” search. I hope you find a great sitter!