Hi from Lanchester, County Durham

Hello to all on this forum. I have two lovely cocker spaniels and two cats and we live in a small rural hamlet 6 miles west of Durham city. I am very interested in joining this group with a view to having a house sit late July/August, as well as the Christmas week in December. Do pet sitters make themselves available at Christmas? I know this may be tricky as it’s traditionally a time to be with family.


Hello @Joolz13 and welcome to you and your beautiful cocker spaniels and cats. I’ll just link a post here with many entries about Christmas sits.

Christmas sitting

Keep in mind the community of house sitters is a mixed bunch, and that’s an understatement. :wink: I’ll just say that ‘traditional’ is not always as relevant as you might think. For example, I’m a solo traveller with no immediate family. Most holiday seasons are quiet for me, and I often enjoy travelling to a sit during that time. Snuggling up to pets is sometimes my preferred and welcome company. :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the platform! I agree with @Snowbird - there are many sitters who like traveling during the holidays.

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We are among the members who have been on Christmas house sits for the past 8 years!! The post that Snowbird mentions has some good and varied feedback on this topic. I just wanted to say I LOVE that photo of your cocker spaniels !!

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@Joolz13 your spaniels are absolutely gorgeous!

We are a housesitting family with boys aged 13 and 11 and we’ve done housesits over Christmas. Although I live in Gloucestershire now I’m from York originally. Durham is a great city and there is some beautiful countryside nearby. I’m sure you will have lots of sitters apply for your sit.

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