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We’ve just joined Trusted Housesitters on the recommendations of two of our friends who have independently had great success with sitters.

We have a gorgeous (chilled) Sprocker spaniel who is 8 and a cat who is 12. Previously our dog would go to a friend and the cat to a cattery, but sadly our friend is very ill, and with the cat getting on in years, we thought it might be nice for them to be at home.

We posted dates of for Dec/Jan. I know it’s a tricky time, but I did invite members who displayed their availability then. We’ve not had any direct applications, and I’m getting a bit worried now about finding a sitter(s) to help us out. Any offers or tips, would be much appreciated.

Thank you!



A big welcome to the Forum. You will find very helpful members here, who will give you lots of advice.

If you ever find yourself searching for answers to a particular question, you can use the magnifying glass in the top right of this window to search the forum. There’s a good chance if you have the question, someone else had the same question and posted about it. I would suggest you search under Christmas, to follow some of the posts there.

Best wishes

Thank you.

Update: we found some great sitters who are going to stay with us for our Dec/Jan dates - hooray for THS.


@AMS That’s fantastic to hear!

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