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Hi Everyone

I have been considering a membership for some time now and as I am a single mother I would like to ask a few things before paying the membership fee. Is it possible to apply for sits with my animal loving daughter who is ten. I have discussed the site with her and we are both excited and eager to join. Would I just state this on our profile. We are actually cat/housesitting for my friend in June so will be able to get a reference. Finally, like everyone, cash is a bit tight at the moment, are there any discounts available at all?

There are plenty of people who sit with their children, just be sure to make it clear in your profile once you have decided to join or not.

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Hi @Angmcp101 and welcome to the forum. We are a family who house and petsit in our school holidays. We joined in 2019 and have our 10th sit coming up in a weeks time. Our boys are now 13 and 11. Your daughter is a great age to start housesitting as she’s old enough to join in with lots of the jobs involved in looking after the pets.

Make sure you include lots of photos of your daughter with animals in your profile. Our profile has far more photos of the children than the adults. You can also talk about your daughters interests and love of pets in your profile and application, and also make sure your friend mentions your daughter in the reference.

Lots of families like having another family to housesit for them, and the pets are used to a busy household, so it feels more familiar to them. Most of our sits have been for families, but not all of them.

Good luck!

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Hi @Angmcp101 welcome to our community forum and we hope we can welcome you to TrustedHousesitters as well, I’m going to tag one of our forum team who can help you complete your registration @Lucy-Moderator and get you started …

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Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity

@Angmcp101, it is great to hear you are interested in joining TrustedHousesitters. I have just sent you an email directly with some extra information and links. Do get back to me if you have any more questions or need help getting set up.