New member intro to my family and getting started questions

Hello everybody and all animals.

We are new members to trusted housesitters website. We joined as we were told anout this by sister in law in Australia who has used the aussie version
She said to give it a try and here we are.

But i have a question?. How do we get to invite housesitters to take a chance on new members if we don’t have any feedback or reviews from anyone and some of their details state they dont want to sit for anyone who doesnt have review?
Its like going around in circles no review no sit?
Surely a leap of faith from both parties willing to try is why trusted housesitters was set up.

I have read some wonderful reviews on sitters and got some positive feedback to which i am grateful but cannot seem to get anyone to sit for our girls.
Am i doing something wrong?

We are a married couple not young but not old, but we absolutely love our pets. We have even got rescue chickens to give them a retirement that they wouldnt have got being ex battery hens who would have gone to KFC at 18mth old.
We also have German Shepherds who are the most loving and loyal dogs and we know that some people dont like. So if i need to mention this anywhere do.please advise so that any sitter looking at our details are aware.
Also please advise on any feedback that will help us start this housesitters journey.


Welcome! I think you’ll find that there are plenty of sitters that will take a chance on a new homeowner, even if they have no reviews.
If you have lots of pictures, describe the sleeping situation, give an idea of public transport options near your home and generally just give lots of information, I’m sure you’ll get some applicants.
If your dates are at all flexible, I would mention that too. Take a good pic of the bedroom the sitter will be using, the bathroom and maybe the common areas? And with GSD I would write a thorough description of their personalities. I know I’ve meet some shepherds that were very task driven and intense, and others that were complete marshmallows and just wanted to be loved. If yours will easily adjust to a new person in the house, I would definitely mention that!

If you link your posting in your forum profile, you could get some other members here to look at what you’ve created and offer suggestions that might help you get more traction.


Hi @Garysueo and welcome. I’ve been a sitter with TrustedHousesitters for many years and I enjoy sits for both long-time and new owners. When I’m the first sitter for owners, I find they are grateful to have my guidance and follow my suggestions.

I suggest you review Angela’s top 10 tips for owners and make sure you have these points covered.

As has been said, adding your listing to your forum profile will also allow forum members to provide constructive feedback.

As an aside, many of us are ‘not young but not old’, so you’re in good company. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may want to avoid using the term ‘fur babies’ as some sitters really dislike that term and will pass by the listing. If you use the search feature here, you will see it’s been discussed in posts.


Hi @Garysueo and welcome. We are a family who have been house and pet sitting in our school holidays since 2019. I think about half of the sits we have done have been for new homeowners without reviews.

As @Harris2 says, the more information you have in your listing, the more likely you are to attract sitters. That can be written information about your home, pets and area, or good photos of the areas of your home sitters will be using. We often find we have things in common with the homeowners and families we sit for, so including a little information on yourselves and the things you enjoy doing may draw sitters to apply to sit for you.

Welcome @Garysueo. There are many new HO’s (and sitters) on THS. As a relatively new sitter myself (joined Md May) I’ve done a few sits for new HO’s. It’s worked fine for me. As long as you have plenty of pictures of your home and pets plus sell the location then I’ll consider the sit as any other.

As mentioned above, please do the below as a next step. Then everyone here can give personal feedback.

As everyone says @Garysueo - link your profile & we will all offer specific help :wink: