Christmas sitting

I like to sit over the holidays (my family gatherings are LOUD), but I also typically do repeat sits that HOs book very far in advance, so putting up a listing as early as possible will probably be your best bet.

Two week count-down - a Christmas sitter would be a Christmas miracle. LOL

I had to start looking at paid sitters to see what might be out there. Either that or we take them with us.

I just finished a sit in Mills River on Sunday. You live in a fabulous area. Maybe add “Asheville” to the start of your headline. It is such a popular destination and many people won’t know that Fletcher is near Asheville, so they would scroll past the listing without opening it. “Asheville /Blue Ridge Mountains with easy senior pets” is a suggestion. Good luck!


Asheville is an exceptionally beautiful place and if I weren’t already in heaven I would have been all over it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have only recently registered here. It is always the case that pet sitters are sought at such short notice?
I am going to Berlin over Christimas. We habe agreed at the beginning of november.

I had my listing up since the beginning of October for my Dec sit. I confirmed a sitter at the end of October. My sitter canceled last week as she was coming from Saudi Arabia…

Cancelations happen and owners are sent scrambling. Even more so now due to Covid

Continuing the discussion from Christmas sitting:

I just had someone cancel on me today for a stay December 20 through January 1 in Uptown Charlotte area and hoping I can find someone else so last minute! The link to my listing is in my profile if anyone is available! Very sweet black lab and a great high rise apt in Uptown Charlotte. Walking distance to plenty of restaurants, grocery store and everything you may need.


Hi. I’m sorry to hear of the cancellation, but it certainly is happening a lot lately, because of the ever-changing circumstances. I can’t help with the actual sit, but just want you to know that I clicked on your forum name and didn’t see a link. This post on adding your THS listing to your forum profile may help. I hope you’re fortunate enough to find a good fit for your needs. If so, I wish you safe travels.


Hi @abbyg welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry to hear that your sitter has cancelled, having the listing link in your profile (thank you @Snowbird) will allow sitters to view your listing via the forum but the best way to find sitters is on the website of course and there are sitters looking for Christmas sits, new members also who are wanting to secure their first THS sit and review.

Angela and the Team

I’m still looking for a Christmas sitter for my cat and dog in my West NY, NJ apt (NYC metro area). I posted a few days ago, but I had my profile link in the wrong place. I have two weeks to go, so I’m getting nervous. If you are looking for a sit and think you would be a good fit, please reach out!

@Catin88 You might consider hiring a dog walker to be available to walk your dog for the midday walks at least, plus as-needed. 3x/day is a big commitment, and pretty much means the sitter cannot go into NYC, nor do anything for Christmas.

Thank you for your feedback, but all of my sitters have gone into NYC for sightseeing/errands/social time/etc AND still have done walks for 3x a day. These are 6 - 8 hr gaps in between. I have a senior dog. I also walk my dog 3x a day myself and I work in NYC Monday - Friday full time.

I never expect my sitters to just be locked into my apt or pets. I want them to be able to enjoy themselves while still petsitting and they have. I’m posting on this forum as I had someone cancel at the last minute due to COVID international travel restrictions.

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This is a really good suggestion, thank you!

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Update on the Christmas Sitting Topic. Where to post your Christmas sits.

Today 13 Dec 2021 we are closing off this thread to sitter requests and instead, making the use of the LAST MINUTE SIT category which will be open to anyone still looking for sitters over Christmas/New Year.

This means that even if your sit is outside the 7 day window (which normally applies for listing sits in the forum and will revert on 1st January 2022), you can post the details in that category from today.

Please do remember that on the main TrustedHousesitters website LAST MIN won’t show on your listing there until 7 days before - this is a forum initiative only. To help people find your listing we would also recommend that you put a link in your forum profile by following these instructions.

All the best, Vanessa and the team


I’m doing a Christmas & New Year sit looking after two cute little ginger Pomeranian’s!!

:giraffe: :giraffe: :giraffe:

I hope it goes well!!

:penguin: :penguin: :penguin:

The last three sits I have done have gone well but the two before that were a disaster so sometimes I get a bit anxious before sits now if the communication isn’t the best!!

:frog: :frog: :frog:

Fingers crossed!!

:duck: :duck: :duck:

The doggos look very sweet!!

:fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face:

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Sitting giraffes, penguins & foxes @Fluffball I want those sits … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t be anxious, I’m sure you have done the most to make sure it’s a success …

Enjoy your little Pomms and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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Thanks Angela!!

:hatched_chick: :hatched_chick: :hatched_chick:

You tooooooo!!

:butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas & New Year where ever you may be spending it & with whichever furry chumsters & humans you will be spending it with!!

:evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:

Ha Ha!!

:fireworks: :sparkler: :fireworks: :sparkler:


Hi, to everyone, We joined THS last September and have had a very successful sit for our 3 dogs. We would l love to take our grandchildren to Orlando around the 19-29 December 2022, we have not booked any thing as we would appreciate knowing that there would be sitters willing to come to Howden East Yorkshire for the 11 (ish) days required. Can anyone advise please. Thank you. Sharon

It will be hard to plan for christmas at this point, I think. No one knows what will happen with covid when winter comes. It’s almost a given that cases will spike but no one can predict lockdowns, travel bans, or other issues that might arise. Get trip insurance, for sure.

I would be interested for Malta or any Portugal.
The last 5 years , I have been house sitting every Christmas and New Year. It is exiting to learn all different traditions.