Cleaning person/crew costs and location

I am curious what people who have hired or hire cleaners pay. In the major metro areas of the US where I have lived, I’ve generally paid at least $130 per biweekly cleaning visit for a 800 square feet, 1 bedroom apartment. For ‘move outs’ it’s been more, say $300.
I recently heard that cleaning service is a lot cheaper in the UK. I know of a woman with a 3-bedroom house in a nice village an hour from London who only pays about 20 GBP for two hours of light cleaning. That seems shockingly low.
What are the cleaning fees in your part of the world, and what do you consider to be reasonable and fair for all parties?

I own a few houses in the Boston area.

3-4 bedroom move out is your 300. I do this when I flip tenants.

I am fully nomadic now but I lived in a 2 bedroom and biweekly/triweekly it was 130.

£10 an hour in London is not uncommon even now @Katie just because there are so many people willing to do that work. It’s more expensive to get a cleaner on the coast in Turkey (average wage £250 a month) than in central London. £65 vs £40 for a changeover clean. Rural UK is more like £15/£16 an hour for a cleaning lady depending on supply and demand :+1:t3:

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I pay a cleaning company £22 per hour, in the UK.
They send a team of 2 or 3 to make up 4 hours between them, therefore £88 for a 4 hour clean. They come every 4 weeks but I cancel when I am away pet sitting.

I would always want to ensure it is a proper company that pays taxes.

In London, UK and we pay £70 for two amazing cleaners who blitz the house within a couple of hours. They’re a company with liability insurance, which is very important to us. A previous cleaner quite literally destroyed our bathroom in a freak accident. It’s a longer story, but everything, including tiling, had to be ripped out and remodeled.

Always make sure your cleaner is insured!

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I paid around £13-20/hour in London and around £20-30/hr in the burbs.

Usually that would constitute a 2-3 hour minimum and the if you wanted a deeper end of tenancy clean In London, it would be more…closer to £150-300 and that would be for a team.

Also did a builders clean on a 5 bed in burbs and that was also around £200-300.

£34 weekly for 2 hour light clean (3 bed) in London. £200+ for deep clean on moving in or out

In Lafayette, where I live, I’ve hired two women to handle cleaning duties for my 600-square-foot house. They come once a week, and I pay them around $400.
For my office, which spans 1200 square feet, I opted for a commercial cleaning company, Going Green Commercial Cleaning. They charge around $800 per month. Given the scale of the space and the specialized equipment and expertise required for commercial cleaning, I’d say it’s a reasonable price.

In Sweden, there was a large problem with this kind of services in private homes that cleaners etc were often getting paid in cash because the tax wedge is large. That is why the government introduced a huge tax reduction when private persons hire a cleaner, carpenter etc properly according to the rules. It is deducted in advance, and then prices are about halved.

The other day I got a price list. After this tax reduction, it is about 25 € per hour.

Wow, this is more than triple the price compared to just a few years ago when the under-the-table rate was around 70 SEK an hour