Comedy of errors on a sit! 🤭😆

Just had to share. I recently arrived at a sit where I was greeted very warmly by the loveliest lady and her dog. She had a taxi booked to take her to the airport a couple of hours after I arrived to do our handover. Literally, half an hour before the taxi was due to arrive, she said she’d just pop upstairs to see if she could find her passport. Guess what! She could only find the old expired one. :grimacing::flushed:

No kidding, she only just managed to find her valid passport within five minutes of the taxi turning up. As she waved me goodbye, she said “Oh, by the way, I’ve left you a bath towel on the bed.“ Turns out, it’s a kitchen tea towel for drying dishes - not a bath towel!!! :laughing:

All this got me wondering, I’d love to hear your funny stories from your times on sits. I feel like I could write a book at this point with all the stories I’ve compiled over the years!


It sounds to me like she has the first signs of dementia

This lady was still fairly young. Not saying younger people can’t be affected but I think it was more a a case of being a bit scatty and disorganised!

I’m still laughing about my bath towel which is rather like a large handkerchief!!! :laughing:

I can’t believe she didn’t have her passport ready at such a late stage……thank goodness she found it!


I was quite surprised by that too. My stress levels just couldn’t handle leaving something like finding my passport until literally the last minute.

I’m not sure who was more relieved when she actually found it. Me or her! :laughing:


We awoke on the morning the sit was due to start to a text message explaining that the Homeowners had already left but forgotten to leave a key out for us . As we traveled to the sit ( which was a four hour drive away ) we had no idea if we would actually be able to access the property.

The background to this was that it was a sit for cats where it was arranged that the owner would be leaving in the morning and leaving a key in a location for us to retrieve when we arrived so that we could access the property.We had a video tour and lots of friendly conversations prior to the stay .

At the last minute the family had a change of plan and decided to leave in the late evening before the day we would arrive and drive through the night to their holiday destination . Leaving the cat bowls full of dry food and a bowl of clean water .

Unfortunately in the excitement of leaving for their holiday the family forgot to leave the key for us .They only realised when they were already several hours down the motorway and it was much too late for them to turn back .

On arrival we had to go and introduce ourselves to the neighbours and collect a spare set of keys from them . Fortunately it all worked out and we had a great sit but it was a bit stressful not knowing if the neighbours would be in and would give us the keys.

In their review of us the HO praised us for not being flustered by this situation at the start of the sit .