Common courtesy

A simple “thanks for letting me know so promptly “
Doesn’t take long to write yet means so much!
After all, they contacted me and asked for my help

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@ELNF, my point was that do you then need to respond to them saying “You’re welcome!”, and then do they need to respond back again, and if so, how many times? Like I said, the reason I don’t respond to a simple decline is that the conversation is at a normal stopping point, and to me it doesn’t feel rude not to respond. Clearly you feel differently. That’s fine. I was just trying to tell you that from someone else’s point of view it might not have felt like a discourtesy not the respond to a decline.

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When I’ve received invitations with no message, I usually reply saying I don’t seem to have received their personal message accompanying their invitation. I’ve declined them all, usually because I am unavailable. A couple have replied apologising for no message so hopefully they have now learnt to include one.


No matter where you go on social media these days, people are complaining about the lack of courtesy of others. Of course human beings are complicated but when it comes to common courtesy they either have it or they don’t. No amount of technology changes are going to change them. No button fixes will change them. No new procedures or rules will change them. Just look at the state of plastics around the water systems of the world. Look at the amount of dog poo left on the side walk. Nope, those people who do not have the courtesy to reply will never reply no matter what TH does. Just take note and refuse to sit for those without common courtesy. Simple.


Hello All,
I recently joined TrustedHousesitters and have had a great response quite quickly, as well as some great pet-sits so far which is really encouraging. However, I just wanted to mention my absolute dissatisfaction with the rudeness of a small percentage of home/pet owners. My experience is that on a number of occasions I compose lovely emails in regard to the possible care of their beloved pets…and they can’t even be bothered to reply…some don’t even read the message! I don’t have any problem with not being chosen for a sit (there are plenty to go for), but good grief…good manners don’t cost anything!

As pet-sitters we go through a rigorous verification process, and I’m sure the majority of us put/or want to put the care of these people’s pets first and foremost. It seems to me that house/pet owners should be given some etiquette advice in this area. It’s the only negative aspect I’ve encountered so far.

hi @dogangel and welcome to the Forum. This is a subject which comes up quite regularly. There are many reasons for this, some homeowners only use the THS site once, or once a year, so may accept the 1st person to apply, or are just not natural communicators - many reasons listed. @Angela-CommunityManager has moved your post to a thread covering some of this, and another link to a similar thread below.
Unread and declined applications for sits

Hope you enjoy the Forum, lots of good ideas and information to read.