Common Courtesy-accept/decline

I just had the oddest sit application experience. I applied for a sit and the homeowner wrote a 3 paragraph, very long response on more specific details on the sit, and how much I would love it. She gave me 2 phone numbers as she prefers using whats app, etc. She then said she wanted me to decide by noon the next day. I replied an hour later that I absolutely would want to do the sit. She did not respond or read my response the next day. I awoke the 2nd day to a simple ‘decline’. No explanation whatsoever. I was so bummed but came to the realization that I lucked out not sitting for such a rude person. I do not like the accept/decline option either. One sentence is not too much to ask for.

Wow, that is strange!

I would ask for an explanation, to make them understand that this isn’t done!

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Thats is very Rude
Maybe it was a warning :warning: if that was the attuide

I did. As my kids told me- “I got ghosted.”

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That is weird but I’ll add that, as HO, when I “accepted” a sitter last month the other applicants automatically received a message that they had been declined. I was shocked as I had planned to respond personally with kind notes! It seemed abrupt so I followed up with personal messages. Chances are this HO was sharing lots of info with several sitters and took the first one that accepted. Then BAM everyone else got the “declined” message. Take heart, I doubt it was personal, and they may not even have realized it happened.


Thanks, It is good to know the homeowner’s prospective.


Oh, that’s really interesting to know!!