Confirmed sitter goes quiet, then asks me to "reassign" the sit

Hello folks, I am new to this platform. I’ve had good luck finding great-sounding sitters for several trips later in the year, except in the case of my first trip. This one is coming up in a few weeks and quickly found and confirmed a sitter last December. We chatted and confirmed. Then I heard nothing nothing nothing, and finally got a terse and unhelpful response to my query about her travel plans (“I’m watching ticket prices.”) Weeks later after hearing nothing, I pushed her again the other day and got a reply that she has been busy with family and my message was apparently the cosmos letting her know that I need to “reassign” the sit. She was the only applicant so of course there was no one to “reassign” it to, as though I had a pile of sitters waiting. I don’t know if these cancellations go on your record, but if I wanted my listing to go live again, I had to unconfirm the sit, which looked like I was the flakey one, not her. Who knows when she would bother telling me if I hadn’t pestered her. I find I’m pretty annoyed at her yanking my chain all this time. Is there no consequence for this behavior, such as a way to review her and lodge my complaint that she flaked out after ghosting me for many weeks. Arrgh. Her whole attitude was unapologetic. I hope this isn’t normal. I know I’m just venting here but should I contact the platform and let them know my issue with how this played out? I can’t help wondering if I’m the first time she has done this without consequence. I wish I’d had a warning.


Welcome @canneturn yes you can report this sitter to member services e-Mail : and they can advise you.


You can report and dispute the cancellation. THS might contact her. They might watch the account to see if this happens again. This doesn’t happen often and chances are you’ll find someone if you repost immediately. If you aren’t getting much interest, you can open a thread to get feedback on your listing to see if there is anything you can do to spruce it up. It’s kind of a pain in the neck, but fortunate you tracked down what was happening and have some time.

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Ridiculous Sitter behavior! Not the norm.

When you cancel this Sitter, your listing will simply appear as New again. Nobody will know what pain you have endured. You will not look flaky. No “flaky meter” on this site!

Carry on, and take care of yourself. Fingers crossed that you encounter some of the amazing Sitters on THS!


Hello @canneturn and welcome to the forum; truly a great resource.

Back in the day, reviews were not blind and so the integrity of the process was questionable.

Though it took persistence, reviews are blind now and better for a variety of reasons.

I think if THsitters and home hosts are persistence in posting here and contacting MS as suggested above by @Silversitters and @Marion, perhaps there can be results in improvement and accountability for cancellations of this type.

It’s a extra couple steps for you but it will help us all.

Member services and copy your post to the THS feedback thread.


If your message exchange wasn’t in the THS inbox, screenshot them with the date visible. Send all information to TrustedHousesitters support with a description of what happened. At least you will be on record of reporting this.

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Hi @canneturn
Firstly I’m sorry you started on THS with a bad sitter. Their actions aren’t acceptable. Please report them to THS. They shouldn’t be on THS. I’d NEVER accept a sit without getting flight prices first.
What I do with my overseas sits is tell the HO as soon as we confirm the sit I will book my flights and send them confirmation of this (a screenshot usually of my booking reference email). That way the HO knows I’m committed to the sit.
I do hope your next sitters will show there are some great committed animal loving sitters on THS.

Agreed, report them and re-list your sit. As @Marion mentioned, you can get feedback on your listing here if you feel you need it.

FYI, There’s a thread on this topic if you’re interested in reading more: Sitters, let's stand against sitters who cancel! - #87 by Marion