Contacting HO to express interest even if you cannot make the posted dates?

@keysfun I should stress that the favourite needs to be clicked on the app, not the website. The website is more for merely bookmarking ones the sitter likes. The advantage of the app feature is that, provided the sitter’s settings are done correctly on their phone, they will get immediate notification whenever their favourites list. Yesterday I received notification of one I had favourited through the app and I applied straight away, so it can be a great advantage.

I’m reviewing the process here, as much for other forum members as for you as it’s a distinction (website vs app) that’s often overlooked or unknown by sitters. Sitters using the website to mark favourites sometimes wonder why they don’t get notified. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very important distinction Snowbird! Thanks so much :smile:

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No don’t waste your time! I did that for 12mths without a response…
HO are only interested in their current sit.

I never, ever, use the app. I access THS on my ipad or laptop. Why is THS continuing to drag its feet on the synching of features across all types of device?
So, if I have understood this correctly: ONLY if I ‘favourite’ a sit VIA THE APP (on my phone or ipad) will I be sent auto-notifications if that HO advertises again?
This is really significant with the ‘five applications then pause’ starting in July.


Didn’t know that. It explains why I don’t get notified when a favourite publishes a new listing. I don’t even have the App. I will try to download it on my phone. Thank you for the information


@LTD You’re correct about the notifications on your phone. You will need to make sure that your phone is set correctly, and I’ll add Vanessa’s instructions on push notifications, for the sake of all forum members.

Push notification settings for phone app (#13 & #14 in that post)

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@ElsieDownie I find this notification feature invaluable. It really helps me stay on top of the listings I think will be a good match for me.

Using the app, I favourite individual listings that interest me when the date range isn’t a match for me. I then get a notification anytime that owner lists.

I also use notification in conjunction with saved searches. I have three saved searches - two set up on the app, for my areas of top interest. I get instant notifications of any listings (not just favourited ones) that fall within those two saved searches.

The third saved search - a wider geographical range - I set up on the website (as I don’t want my phone constantly pinging). I get a daily email for all new or boosted listings in that area, regardless of whether I have them as favourites. I view the email on my laptop, then go to the app and favourite any there (I prefer to view listings on a bigger screen). It’s a daily task that doesn’t take long but keeps me current on my areas of interest. If I miss a day, that’s OK too. Those just weren’t meant to be for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What are ‘push notifications’?

So, is it the case that, if I continue using my laptop and the main THS website, NONE of the HOs or the sits I have ‘favourited’, will ever result in pop-up notifications of another set of dates?
This is madness!!!

@LTD I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator and ask her to address these points when she’s next online. I know she’s done excellent clarification of favourites and saved searches in the past but I don’t seem to find that in my bookmarks all in one post.

‘Push notifications’ is the wording shown on the images in the post I linked to you earlier here and in the image it provides an explanation.

@LTD Just to clarify a little more, the push notifications feature is only available on smart phones so this would not be able to be done on a laptop. It is not specific to TrustedHousesitters but is a general application on phones across the board.
How I personally manage this, as I do like to use my laptop for most functions, and I have downloaded the App, specifically to get notifications on my Favourites as well as Saved Search notifications as @snowbird has done. (these searches must be set up on the phone).
I find the combination of working with both the phone and laptop works really well for me.
Hope this helps.


I always save a favourite by using the heart on my laptop.
I then receive notifications on my app

Yes. Loaded the App this morning. Didn’t realise all the differences.
Yet again, learnt something new about THS.

@LTD its basically an automated message (a message that pops up on a mobile device), sent by an application to you when the application is closed so basically keeping you updated even when you are not actually in the app.

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I had never heard that the website favourites are not connected to the app notifications. I have too many to know if this is the case for me, but Itchyfeet (below) contradicts that scenario. Are you saying that it’s not a tech fix issue, but a permanent cell phone feature (to not link the app and website) and Itchyfeet is wrong? I, like Snowbird, find it preferable to view listings on the bigger screen, so it’s possible that I have selected favourites on the website and NEVER received notifications for them? I have recently seen the “viewing applications” feature on the app. I had not heard about the 5 applications cut off, so I’m thankful it was explained here. In the short time it takes for me to look at my phone after being somewhere that is not conducive to looking every few minutes, a listing can have 5 applicants and not be available for me to apply. If people are “applying” because there is no other way to message the HO, then it could be a lot of start/stop with applicants, BUT I do like that it encourages the HO to get back to the sitter in a timely manner. :slight_smile:
24 Jun

I always save a favourite by using the heart on my laptop.
I then receive notifications on my app

I’ve done this a few times and always had a positive response from homeowners. First time we contacted a homeowner in the Yukon where our youngest son was temporarily working. They had advertised a winter sit but we asked them to keep us in mind for a summer sit which they did and we accepted and we really enjoyed it and got to visit with our son at the same time as looking after their adorable dog. I’m from Dublin originally so have messaged a few homeowners in Dublin who have also kept us in mind. One homeowner lives in the neighborhood where I was born and has invited me a couple of times but I haven’t been available but it’s my dream house sit to do a sit in the neighborhood where I was born - hopefully next year! My parents and I were the only family to emigrate to Canada so all my relatives are back in Dublin. No harm in contacting homeowners!


Yes, I have done this.
The Homeowner was delighted I made contact despite not being available for her nominated sits. She contacted me directly about her next one but unfortunately I was not available for the duration either. She said she would definitely keep me in mind again and appreciated getting back to her so quickly. She said she saved me as a favourite as I did with her profile.

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Hi @Flopsy @Itchyfeet is correct. Just to give you a little more clarity. The App and Website only sync to a certain degree with regards to ‘Favourites’ and ‘Saved Search’.

If you ‘Favourite’ or create a ‘Save search’ on the App, this will show on the website and visa versa. However, you need to create your favourites and saved searches on the App in order to get an notification. This is a smart phone feature, so no website can put this into their programming as a feature.

If you only ‘favourite’ on the website, you do not receive any email of new dates. Your saved searches you have created on the website, will give you a daily email if there are any new listings for your criteria.

I would like to suggest that you perhaps start to save your favourites on your phone, so you do get those notifications, and what I often do is work with the phone and website hand in hand. Like you, I do like to see things on the bigger screen and certainly prefer to send my applications on the computer as opposed to the phone.
‘The reviewing applicants’ message should now be showing on the App.
Hope this helps a bit more.
Best Wishes

Hi @Flopsy @Itchyfeet … I do apologize for the misinformation.

I have now had a confirmation from tech, that … 'Regardless of where you favourite a listing, you will receive notifications when new dates are added via an app push notification, if you have notifications enabled. Push notifications should be done under your phone settings".

My note still holds regarding saved searches.
Apologies for any confusion.
Best Wishes

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Hi @anon36831737 I’m puzzled as to why you tagged me here. I can’t see what comment I’ve made that has made you think I support contacting owners for anything other than to apply.

In my almost eight years with THS, I have never done that on this site. I see many posts where owners specifically mention to only apply if available for the specific sit listed. My main focus for sits is Mexico and so I often see that comment from owners in San Miguel de Allende, for example, as it is a popular location. Although Mexican sits can be highly competitive at times, again, I have never applied unless I am applying for the posted sit.

As for specifically addressing the pausing test currently in place, I have never made any suggestion to contact the owner, even if a sitter can’t make the date. I have chosen not to comment at all on the pausing test.

I’d appreciate you sharing what I posted that made you think otherwise.