Contacting sitters who have favourited the listing

Thanks Snowbird!


I don’t think I’m getting this. i went into my inbox and when I click on “favourites” I see some sits I’ve done in the past but not sits that I’ve saved. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I usually pride myself on navigating well on this site!

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Are you using the app or the website?

On the website, go to Your Name in top menu, and click on Favourites below.

On the App, just click on Favourites at the bottom. There’s a little “filter” icon on the top RH where you can choose “All” or “Currently Seeking a Sitter” etc if you want.

I see what you mean @Globetrotter and mine looks similar. Those under favourites in my dashboard/inbox area don’t match those I favourite on the app. I don’t use the favourites via the dashboard so didn’t notice the difference. I really appreciate the notifications on my phone for those I’ve favourited and so that’s the only favourite option I use.

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Agreed, I’m totally tearing up! So nice of you to do that for her Edith.

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Hello I am new to TH, highly recommended and I have already arranged and confirmed my first sitter. Thank you for that! My question is, several people have indicated an interest in a posting for a sitter but did not reach out to me. Are these interested parties waiting for me to contact them?

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Congratulations on confirming your first sitter!

I can’t speak for them, but I favourite a listing on the app when I see one that appeals to me but the current date does not work for me. The system then notifies me if that homeowner posts a sit again in the future.

The next time you require a sitter, you could certainly reach out to those who have favourited your listing, but there is no expectation that you will do so.


Hi @Crystals and welcome to the forum, and to TrustedHousesitters. I am a sitter and I favourite listings on the app when I see a listing that I find interesting. It’s almost like bookmarking it. If the current dates work for me, then I would apply. Otherwise, the benefit to me is that anytime you next list, I would get a notification on my phone that a listing that I’d previously listed now has new dates.

Homeowners do reach out to sitters who have favourited their listings in the past. However, if you do that, first check the sitter’s calendar and make sure there aren’t any of your dates with a black line through them as that shows the sitter has a confirmed THS sit. Other than that, don’t pay much attention to the calendar as not all sitters use it.


Thanks so much for your explanation.

Thanks for the explanation, this was very helpful.

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Same as @meow, I will favorite a sit if I like the location but it doesn’t coincide with my availability. What it does is send me a notice telling me when that home requires a sitter again in the future.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt for you to reach out to people, but don’t read too deeply into it if they don’t accept.

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Hi All,
I’m fairly new to THS, joined early this year and just completed my first experience using a H/S. Now that I’m on to posting my second H/S requirement, I would like to know… As I Favorite house sitters I like - whether they Favorited me first, or I go searching for them - how long do Favorites stay in my ‘folder?’ Are they only saved within each requirement I post, or are Favorites saved for the length of my membership (so I can basically start developing a Rolodex of sitters I like instead of searching the vast list of sitters again and again with each new sit requirement)?

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They will stay in there unless they remove your listing from their favorites list. :slight_smile:

Hi Amy @AR-W congratulations on having your first sitter and it’s great that you are now looking for your next kitty sitter to stay in your lovely Dubai home.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our community forum and the TrustedHousesitters, I’ve just looked at your adorable Mugsy and what a name, I’m curious to know how he came by it.

Thank you @thejohnsfam for helping answer our new member’s question and Amy If you have any more or need help with anything related to your membership and THS please ask, you will find our community very helpful.

Enjoy connecting with our members and welcome again.

Angela and the Team

Wait, what? Homeowners can favorite sitters? Is the sitter notified if they are favorited? (Because I know when a HS favorites a listing, the HO is notified.)

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Nope, we don’t know if a home owner has favourited us.

Grr! Why are there so many disparities in how homeowners are treated differently than sitters on this website?

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Actually it’s not much use for a HO to favorite sitters if they haven’t favorited the listing of the HO as well. You might think that a HO finds the sitters he has favorited somewhere easily, but that’s actually not the case, at least I don’t know where this feature could be hidden.
We still have to scroll through all sitters to find those we put the little heart sticker on. So even if you don’t know that you are one of a HO’s favorites, what’s the point if you are not in a saved section somewhere?

Correction: there is a favorite section! I just found it.