Contacting sitters who have favourited the listing

Hi @Petermac @Vanessa-ForumCMgr … Well said @MelH … also to mention, if you are not getting the response you need, please always reach out to membership services as we can boost your listing, which brings it to the top of the website and is sent out to all the available sitters.


Hi @MelH as a sitter I’m always on the lookout for locations that I want to do a sit at so if the date doesn’t suit me I tag a listing so I can be notified when it comes up again. I’m happy to be contacted directly for any sits I’ve tagged as favourites. Regards, Jenny


Hi Mel H., so you wrote something that I am wondering if you can clarify. Or someone from THS can clarify? So as a sitter, I have “favorited” about two dozen sits. If any of these favorited sits posts new dates, I will be notified about it?? (That would be so cool if THS does that for sitters!) – Please advise.

That’s correct @KenandMary1998, although I think there is a limit on how many of your favourited sits you can be notified of.

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Hi @KenandMary1998 and @temba Here’s a detailed description of the favouriting (hearts), as there is a distinction between website and app use.

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You’re more lucky than i, everytime i contacted sitters who had saved my listing i failed. None has accepted my invitation, although they seemed available or had not indicated dates on their calendar…

HI everyone. We have just signed up and posted our first sitting listing. We just wondered what the protocol was for sitters who have “saved your listing”?

Is that an expression of interest, and they expect you to reach out once you have read their profiles and decided they might be a good match?

Or is it a general thing sitters do to save several listings before making contact?

We have 6 so far “saving” but as yet have not reached out.

Thanks for your help!!

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Hello and welcome! As a sitter, I save any sit that looks appealing and possibly doable to me. But unless I apply, I don’t expect to hear from the HO unless they are being super pro-active and trying to book someone early. There is no expectation on your part to do anything if someone saves your listing. It simply means we like it and will be notified when you post future listings or change your date. Hope that helps!


Hello @SteveandChristine397 Welcome to both TrustedHousesitters and our forum! Great to hear you have your first listing up and live. We’ve moved your comment here onto this existing thread that covers the same topic. You’ll find some interesting reading here about saving listings, or marking them as “favorites”. @SoloTraveler explains it perfectly from a sitter perspective… thankyou :slight_smile: There is no reason not to reach out as you mention, but just be mindful that they may not be a perfect match with your current dates. All the best, Vanessa


When I save listings it generally means I am considering applying or I am unsure if I will be in that area but if I am it’s a sit that I would like to do.

A homeowner has reached out to me because of seeing I had saved her sit and we have now sat for her twice.

There is no need to do anything but if any of the sitters who have saved your sit look like a good fit, personally I would message them and see what they say.

With half a dozen people saving your listing already, I am guessing it must be a nice looking sit!

Good luck :+1:


Hi @SteveandChristine397 I see your question as being from someone who is thoughtful and wants to make sure to be respectful to other members. On top of that, as @SandC has mentioned, having people favourite your listing does make it sound as though you have an inviting listing. My guess is you have just joined a new community (THS & the forum) where you will meet new people, some of whom will go on to be treasured friends. Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I joined THS some 3-4 months ago I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of worldwide sits during the first searches that I began to heart mark sits with potentials, not because they were favorites (at that point I didn´t even read them) but simply as a means of sorting them out.

Heart-marked ads = ads with suitable locations and/or dates = check them out.

Once I understood HO:s can see when their ads are favored I cleaned up my favorite folder.

Iow, when sitters heart-mark an ad it doesn´t necessarily mean it is their “favorite sit” :wink:

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As people have mentioned I add listings to my favourites when I can’t do the current advertised dates but would like the system to notify me when future listings are posted.
Hope you find your perfect sitter soon.


I have added listings to my favorites for various reasons. Mostly because I think it will work especially since I know the HO’s can see when I favorite a listing. But I do want to discuss with my husband as we do them together and I want to comb through the listing in more detail to make sure it will be a good sit.

Occasionally I favorite a sit because I’d love to someday sit at this location. I am much more careful of when I favorite a sit because as I mentioned the HO’s can see this.

And I’ve been invited to a sit that I favorited and I accepted so there’s that too!

I hope you find a sitter that matches your needs.

My normal process is marking a sit with a heart means I like the look of the sit but either can’t do the dates & will be notified when new dates are posted or I may be able to do the dates once I firm up travel plans. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to sitters though who have favourited your listing but you don’t have to.

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Have posted dates to request for sitters. As yet have had no interest. Today I received and email from THS saying 1 sitter has saved our listing. When you go to who saved you there is a list of 8 sitters from dates from last year. Why.

I can answer as a sitter. Whenever I see a sit I like, but can’t do the dates, I favourite (save, click the heart) it. That way when the sit comes up with new dates, I get a notification on my phone. I would assume that list of 8 sitters are people who have previously favourited your sit. :slight_smile:

Hi Kelownagirl - when you “favourite” a sit is that the same as “saving” a sit?

Oh yes, sorry, “save” - clicking the little heart. (I have corrected my previous post now).

So many platforms, so many different names for same type of thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Just wondered if I was missing something!

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