Cutlery draw layout

I’m finding it endlessly fascinating to see how people lay out their cutlery draws. What’s your system?


Hi @Oztravels it’s always knives, forks, then spoons & teaspoons! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have attached an interesting article in the press with regards to the correct order or what everyone thinks is the correct order :sweat_smile:


Same here, but mainly because the left section of my cutlery tray is longer than the others, so best for knives.

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May not be answering your question here, but I’m fascinated by how some homeowners are so organized re their spice cabinets :slight_smile: We’ve been so fortunate to sit for homeowners that have so many spices and they’re all so organized! We need to get our spice cabinet organized better!

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Snap! @Samox24

Hi @Oztravels,

I’m a big fan of Marie Kondo’s tidy / spark-joy. But I haven’t found a layout that sparks joy for me yet. In theory, cutlery should be vertical, like in the dishwasher, or with knife racks on the wall. And taller cutlery should be to the right (like how her closets “rise to the right”––zing!) But drawers are never made that way. I’ve seen some people have metal cylindrical bowls on their counter for their cutlery.

I live alone, so my ideal system right now might be … two pairs of stainless steel chopsticks, that fold up and I can bring in my pocket. And a swiss-army knife? #halfJoking :sweat_smile:

What’s your system?

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Nice, guess I must be doing it right according to this!

This is my next project for my kitchen. Right now I have a hard time finding cinnamon.
The Container Store has some of the coolest kitchen cabinet organizers.

Only my cooking spoons and spatulas are sitting vertical. And I love Marie Kondo but recently read an article that she gave up because she has children now. Or maybe it was just something I heard from Chelsea Hadler the comedian when she hosted the daily news.

I follow Apartment Therapy on instagram and find a lot of inspiration from organizing to decorating from them.

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We sat for someone who had their spices all colour coded. I jokingly said I’d move them whilst they were gone (we all had dinner together before they left) and she shivered :rofl:

Cutlery drawers - one of life’s little mysteries, along with laundry baskets.
Why do cutlery drawers get so dirty when we only put clean cutlery in there?
Why is my laundry basket the same when all I put in is clean laundry ready for ironing? :thinking::thinking:


Sitting has proved interesting in how some organise or just chuck it all in there!
At home I have daily use in the Draw Knifes, Forks, Spoons (Soup and Dessert) I have Tea Spoons at one end of the Cake Forks at the other end.
I have started collecting “Old” items from Charity Shops, they currently stand upright in sectioned off holders on the benchtop.
I love seeing in some homes, the daily, Sunday Lunch/Family gathering silverware and then the really special stuff.
This is the same with Dinnerware too and Glasses.
Some people have only 4 usually very basic set, however I think, if we broke a plate or a bowl by accident someone is eating from the Pot! lol.
Happy sitting

I came to this thread hoping to see some pictures.:joy_cat:

Our current PPs went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. Their kitchen is rather large but everything was labeled with sticky notes on our arrival. We found that extremely helpful. Typically it takes us 2-3 days to locate everything.


My spouse constantly messes up my system when he puts dishes away. I know what I do, but I can’t tell you offhand. I now regularly snap a quick photo on sits because I can never remember how they do things. However, the last sit they were wonderfully organized AND I noticed the cutlery draw had tiny outline icons of what went where! Brilliant!

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We have four or five cutlery / cooking and serving utensil drawers. We arrange them to our convenience.

It would never occur to me to observe a “right” way to organize, except for however you want to live, LOL.

We have several sets of Eastern and Western utensils, as well as holiday utensils and serve ware, including various chopsticks and such, which helps when we have a houseful of guests, for instance.

We enjoy many types of food and it helps to have Chinese soup spoons when you’re having ramen or soup dumplings, for example (dumplings with hot soup encased inside, which you don’t want running out). We have little side dishes for banchan, when having Korean food.

We also have dishware and utensils for afternoon tea, which I love. And cheese tools, because I’m a cheese fanatic.

We even have a travel cheese tool set with a board and fancy leather case, which one of my employers gave us for Christmas or such. I’ve not put that to use yet, because I’m sort of grossed out about the idea of putting such utensils back into the case, used. I think it’s meant for picnics and such, where running water is often not available.

Awe, nice or do they not want to come home and have to find their stuff? lol.
If we find something that I think, why is the grater there? I take a photo so we know it goes back there, we had a HS that for the first 3 days we all kept getting lost, we had ring each other to find where we were in the House and how to get there… the Post it’s would have been helpful for us, the Kitchen was the size of a commercial kitchen, it was a delight to cook in, however locating items was a open nearly every door or draw until you found it.
Happy sitting.