Sitting --> Spending

For those of us who aren’t nomads:

What have you seen/used in a home, enjoyed, then coveted, then bought for yourself?

So far: :face_with_peeking_eye:

  • 4" thick mattress pad
  • big fancy espresso machine
  • bidet seat
  • nicer bed linens
  • same brand/scent of their hand soap
  • Dawn power wash spray
  • magic erasers
  • cat brush with a button that ejects the fur
  • fur remover rake
  • collapsible slow feeder bowl.

(I don’t have my own pets btw, but I take my own pet stuff with me :laughing:)


Diffusers- I find it so difficult to make a choice of scent in a store but when a house sit has a lovely aroma, I check out the diffuser make a note ( take photo on my phone ) for future reference.


Brabantia collapsible fold away clothesline for our apartment patio (it’s amazing)
White Company room spray
Original Source coconut shower body wash
A portable knife sharpener (best one ever)
BRA non stick pan
Stackable magnetic measuring spoons
Silicone cooking utensils
OXO bag clips
And so many different wines that we have tried on our sitting journey!


I generally dislike any kind of diffuser or incense (in fact the one from this house is currently lock away!)
But we were on a sit a few weeks ago and I smelled one that was absolutely divine! Ended up taking a photo and adding it to my future home shopping list!


I am a nomad, so I keep a Pinterest board of certain items that I’d like when we have our own place. Like you, a fancy espresso machine is high on the list!
Recently a home had some gorgeous handmade ramen bowls. I took a photo and did a reverse image search. They are on Etsy!
TBF, I also do this in shops and cafes. Found some amazing chairs at a cafe in Japan. Those will be a bit trickier to get…


Nothing so far but I often admire artwork or decoration

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That is something i would do too

Ooh yeah! I discovered oud. It’s intoxicating and sexy!

Come on now, brand, details, photo…

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A set of Global kitchen knives. I’ve always wanted a good set for cooking but have been baffled by the variety out there. Having had three months to “try before buying” at our sit the moment I got home I placed my order. Also some felt mats which sit between saucepans and casseroles in the cupboard to stop them damaging one another! Finally a set of Muji warm duvet cover and sheets that we experienced over a Christmas sit - like flannelette and so cosy for those cold nights. All great buys!


Oh my, yes! Good knives are something you really have to experience. . and then you can’t go home and use your own knives anymore. I am certainly responsible for lots of people spending lots of money on good knives.

I do not need another set of knives. I could open a restaurant supply store with my own stock of kitchen equipment. I’m happy to discuss knives with anyone, but get a drink and a snack beforehand. It’s going to be a long ride.


We only own two sharp knives in our home, and we know a chef personally to blame him (or thank him tbh) for that one :joy:

We get our knives sharpened at the local farmer’s market, but I’m also intrigued if there’s a good one we can own at home!

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A spray mop!
Reusable veggie bags

So far:

Electric kettle
Toaster oven
Stemless wine glasses (easier to wash)

We also travel with knife sharpener—I will post a photo when I find it!

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A sit intro’d me to this type of dish washing liquid dispenser. I love it.

The funny thing is, because I don’t cook and never go to the supermarket, I don’t actually know how recent a development this is. I also don’t watch TV, so I don’t see any of that advertising.

I do order groceries online for stuff I crave, but it’s the kind of activity where you can search for what you want and not see much else. And you can just reorder from previous shopping lists.


For you @MissChef

Also you might like these BRA non stick pans. Brilliant light weight cast iron look. NOTHING sticks!!


KIND mini snack bars. One HO left them for me for a snack. :yum:

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@Smiley I’ve sat for an artist and a photographer. I enjoyed living with their art for a few days.


I use triple-ply stainless steel for most cooking. I have some cast iron that I love, but I use it for special things only. I reserve non-stick for eggs and crepes. But I won’t turn this into a cooking lesson post :slightly_smiling_face:

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Until you live in Saudi Arabia @MissChef and then there’s way too much of the stuff everywhere :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (these days it just does nostalgia fortunately)