Date approaching and no sitter?

HI Everyone. Hope everything is well.
I have a quick question: We had our 1st sit last month and our sitter was very nice we really really loved her which was a perfect 1st start to the website, but now, I have a post since 2 weeks ago and I have lack of applications ( just 3 ) 2 already got a position after I replied to them( one took 4 days to reply after I confirm the sit) and 1 she is not in UK, due to travels issues I do not want to risk it as She wants to arrive same day, so its a no.

I have sent tons of messages to sitters 15/20 or more, They all have plans or their planner was mistaken with dates etc, SO NO luck. I wrote to TH and they gave a boost to my post , great! BUT, leaving in 2 weeks time still no sitter, If I have to pay for last min Dog accommodation for two dogs in LONDON! we know is not gonna go cheap and I could have saved if booked in advance. who pays for this?

Have someone been in a similar position?
Thanks for reading!
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Hi @Denididi welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry you are not getting as many applicants as you have previously, We are in a different position post COVID and where as there were very popular city locations previously, like London, especially with international sitter members, there has been a slight change we are sure it will normalise as more people start to move again and travel resumes but there is still a degree of uncertainty for many.

I know that doesn’t help your position. I’ve looked at your listing and it’s great although in the copy this sentence is a little confusing (it doesn’t match your listed dates)

“We are actually flying on the 8th but leaving very early -630 am”

We can share your listing on our Social media platforms if this is something you would feel comfortable with, no locations, names etc are mentioned of course, we position as urgent and we have had great success with other listings. Do let me know and I will get this actioned.

Welcome again and we will do all we can to help.

Angela & The Team

I am an Atypical, OCD, lol, I am happy being a sitter because I don’t have Pets that I have to worry about what to do with travel bookings etc, if things change.
If it helps ease the concern.
The HS we are on ATM it was their first time and very last minute, their post came up the day before they were leaving, I chatted on a Video chat to them in the afternoon and well here we are.
I’m sure you will find lovely sitters.


Hello. My nbame is Urszula. I am in similar situation. I have put the dates of my journey about 3 weeks ago (for trip from 2nd till 12th of September) and sent a lot of invitations but received only two posotive answers which were declined anyway. I started getting really worried about my two cats, I can not leave them! I cancelled my last four journeys to visit my family because of COVID. I was really hoping this time it is gonna work. Did anyone has this kind of situation? Does anyone can help me, please? Thank yoou.

I have no idea what your listing looks like but maybe it might need some improvement to look interesting to potential sitters?
PS! @Urszula I think I found your listing and, even if I am not a sitter, I wouldn’t apply for the sit, because there isn’t even one picture of the house or apartment! Put yourself in the shoes of the sitter! They want to know what the house and the rooms look like. They are supposed to spend a lot of time there so they should be able to see what they get. Only posting pictures of the pets isn’t enough.

-Did you describe where your home is located (city, town, village, etc) and if the sitter needs a car to get around or if public transport is available?

-Are shops and restaurants nearby?

-Can groceries be shopped in walking distance?

-is there anything special about the area? Great views, nearby beach, park, whatever?

Try to make the ad interesting! That’s all that comes to my mind being quite new here also.


@Urszula , I second what @Düsenzofe says. Why don’t you take a look at other homeowner’s listings, in particular those who have lots of good feedback/reviews from their sitters.

Thank you very much for your comments. I really appreciate it. X


Hi @Urszula and welcome to the community forum, we hope you enjoy connecting with other members here and I can see already you’ve had some great tips about your listing.
I’ve taken a look and as @Düsenzofe suggests, it would be a good idea to add some pictures of the living space so that potential sitters can see the space in which they will be living. You’ve posted some beautiful images of your kitties, and I’m sure with some tweaking you’ll get more responses.

I can see you’ve been a member for some time and had successful sits in the past. With so many sits available because of the easing of travel restrictions, it’s become that much more important recently to really make your listing show as much as possible about the sit. There are a few articles on our blog that might give you a few ideas, as well as @Düsenzofe great idea of comparing to other listings. I hope you find someone very soon. Do let us know how you get on.


Good luck :four_leaf_clover:
Fingers crossed that you will find someone!


My dates aren’t approaching yet, but I am starting to get concerned that we won’t find anyone and will have to board the cats. Are other home owners finding sitters or is everyone still being super cautious about COVID, etc? (Before anyone says anything, I know finding someone over the Christmas holidays is more challenging but we’ve had good luck with it in the past so here’s hoping!)

Hi @btinternetDC I’d say ‘super cautious’ fairly describes me. I’m staying within a 2-hour drive of my home in Niagara Falls (Canadian side). I’m itching to travel but in some ways don’t want the hassle (or expense) of COVID testing. Add to that the uncertainty (for me and perhaps the homeowner, for their travels) if I choose to fly outside of Canada, and so far I’m not motivated enough to expand my area of travel outside Canada. However, once the snow flies I may think differently as I’ve stayed here for two winters now and I’d really rather not stay for another one. My years of snow-related sports :snowman_with_snow: are over and I like to chase the sunshine and warmth now. :sunglasses: