Did I imagine it?

I was under the impression that if I started writing an application, I could return to complete it even if the 5applicant limit had been reached when I got back to it. Am I mistaken?

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That’s supposed to be the case @ELNF . The same thing has happened to me. I think this can happen if while writing your application the home host has confirmed one of the other applicants.

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No, it’s still showing “Reviewing applications”
I have now found the message from Ben-Product Manager

Hi @ELNF yes you are correct, here are some great points @Carla_C mentioned on a previous thread about this to help you

  • If you click apply when the listing has four applications and as long as you keep the application box open and do not navigate away then your application will be received and so will everyone else’s who has followed this process. This is currently happening and tech have seen listings with multiple applications received this way.
  • Make sure you apply when you see four applications and do not navigate away or close the window or let your browser time out.
  • However, if you click on apply at the exact same moment that the listing receives its final 5th application and goes into reviewing then you will still see the message box but will be unable to send the application.
  • So the difference is precise timing. If the 5 application is submitted as you open the application window you will not be able to reply as technically the 5 application has been received and the listing is already in reviewing.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

@Samox24 Yes, I have found that navigating away from the application to recheck information in the listing was my problem

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Hi @ELNF thank you for the update and I’m pleased the problem has now been resolved for you

@Samox24 Oh yes, that’s sorted but then another problem with the app rears its head!
I’m currently looking to see if there’s already a relevant topic open before starting a new one

Oh no! Sorry to hear that @ELNF what is the problem you are now having and hopefully we can answer or guide you in the right direction?

@Samox24 I am no longer getting alerts for my saved searches. I had to uninstall/reinstall the app last Wednesday as I couldn’t open any messages. However, since then no alerts are coming. I’ve even set up new ones just to check if I need to redo them, but nothing at all. I found a thread on alerts, so hopefully something will come through. I told THS membership services on Thursday , but have heard nothing back from them as yet.

Hi @ELNF sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will hear back from Membership Services soon, in the meantime I have attached this thread for you, there is reference to saved searches on the App and making sure everything is set correctly. Please keep us updated.