DMV Owners and Sitter, Everything About Washington D.C

Hey Everyone I’m a sitter located in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. I thought it would be cool for us to have our own Topic so we can reach out about things such as questions as well as meetups if anyone is interested.

The DMV is a small but very significant area, its beautiful and ethnically diverse. I have lived here longer than I have anywhere else in the world, I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else to have grown up.

A little about me I guess, I’m someone passionate about animal care. I aim to create community for pet owners and animal lovers a like. . I have over four years of experience in animal care having worked in pet retail, dog walking and pet sitting. I have also volunteered at many animal shelters and I have a lot of experience talking to both new and experienced. In my spare time I like to watch movies, anime and read manga(where my anime otaku at???).

Anywho look forward to meeting everyone. Please feel free to post on here, I am always open to questions.


@ EshaKhan - welcome. I am also a DMV sitter, but split my home time between DC (Glover Park) and Chapel Hill, NC.
Great idea to create a topic for the area. Lots to share as sitters and HOs, I think.
I’ve done a few sits in the area and am open to more - when I’m not fortunate enough to be traveling on sits.
Maybe we can organize a meetup for sitters and HOs. I’m back in the area 12-15 Sept.

Ok, I’ve looked it up. DMV is an area in metropolitan Washington DC.
The Washington metropolitan area, also commonly referred to as the National Capital Region, is the metropolitan area centered on Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. The area includes all of the District of Columbia and parts of the states of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.
Wonderful area and we have sat there a couple of times. Lots of things to do and see.

Hi @toml and great to see you on the forum. Are you back from EU yet?

Debbie - in the UK until 11 Sept, currently Hayes, then near Birmingham, and 3 weeks in London.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for commenting.

I actually lived in Chapel Hill for a while with my family, what a coincidence!

And yeah, a meetup sounds great. Maybe wait till more people find this page?

Hi Elsie,

Thanks for commenting.

I had no idea West Virginia was included! I thought it was DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

West Virginia is pretty close by though but as you get closer to its more Virginia Virginia rather than the DMV haha

I guess we here in Northern Virginia are so integral to DC culturally and politically its hard for us to relate to other parts of Virginia.