Do International sitters go through criminal background checks?

I think the US sitters go through criminal background checks. Do international sitters go through criminal background checks also? I have a sitter from outside of the US and noticed she didn’t have a criminal background check mark. Is this an issue? She has good reviews in her country.

No. There is no mechanism for that.

In the EU such checks would not be legal.


Criminal background checks are done differently in each country, and they always only apply for that one country.

For example, I did such a check for THS in the UK, where I resided at that time. This does not guarantee that I have no criminal background in Germany or in Australia or in some other country. I assure you I don’t, but I am just making the point that every criminal background check or police clearance or alike is always done for a specific country only. There is no such check or document which can assure a home owner that the sitter has not committed any crimes anywhere in the world.


@PixieChloe , Background checks are only required for US sitters on THS.

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That sounded unlikely. It would be a human rights violation.

And indeed, a little bit of googling shows that it is not true.


In the UK when I joined it was an ID check and and a backround check carried out under Police Scotland with a certificate should it be needed. I also am DBS checked by the organisation I volunteer for in my spare time. It does say on your profile that this has been done under verifications

@FelicityT thats obviously not true

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Well, I have a former boyfriend (a Kiwi) who ran into a spot of trouble back in his youth. I suppose he got his record cleared? He never had to apply for permission to travel. Perhaps it depends on the level of crime. I doubt that everyone with any sort of criminal record is restricted from traveling.

If sitters were required to have criminal background checks for home owners’ peace of mind, then presumably hosts would also be required to have criminal background checks for sitters’ peace of mind.

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It is still not true.

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If someone would ask me, I would withdraw my application.