Joining TrustedHousesitters

I’ve been a sitter for seven years now and I don’t recall having to provide a criminal record check, ID or anything when I initially joined. A friend of mine is in the process of joining and is going through a security check and having to provide her DL. I have a couple of other friends who are interested in joining and would like to know what is the current process they will need to go through to become a member. I had a criminal record check in place when I joined as my husband and I hosted international students in our home but I don’t recall having to provide it to THS even though I offered. Does THS automatically do a security check on a prospective member and does THS cover this cost?

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Hi @Globetrotter . The verification process has changed a little since you joined and it also depends on which country you are in. You can find more information in the Help section on the website but I am attaching a link re the criminal record check for you.

Thanks. Why is it only available for U.S. based members?

Hi @Globetrotter we did have a global provider a few years ago but the service was suspended. To date the US is the first country that we have been able to source a third party provider, we are looking at sourcing providers in other markets and will update members when we have any relevant information.

Thanks Angela!