Do large families get selected by HO?

We love to travel. We spent 2 years in Ecuador in a farming community. We have 4 kids ages 9, 7, 5, and 3. Pet and house sitting sounds very appealing to us… Many opportunities for experiences and memories. Have you been selected even though you have a large family?

Hi there
I am not a sitter with a family but you will find people on here who do housesit with their children. While the opportunities will be more limited, they are out there. Owners have the option to label their sit ‘family friendly’ so people with children know they are welcome to apply. You can also filter the search by this label as well.

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I appreciate the response! I have done searches using that filter, but just wanted to see if anyone with 4 kids has had success getting accepted by HO before I pay $ to sign up. I feel like 4 kids can seem overwhelming to some people. I’ll make sure to describe how amazing my kids are in our profile. Thank you.

Hi @trailglazers meet Jessica & William, The Swensons an inspirational family of 5 they continue to pet and housesit

One tip, owners put great store on references and reviews … have a coach, teacher or someone who has “professional” contact with your children to write a short reference on each having someone other than parents vouch for them is more powerful. Also share pics of them with pets, after all that is always the priority of owners how safe and happy will their furry family be.

Another tip we have families who apply for listings which don’t say “family friendly” obviously the home, location and environment has to be suitably big enough to accommodate a family of 6 and of course the animals have to be used to being in a busy household .


Wow!! Thank you so much!! What a relief!!

Have you joined? We are a family with 3 children, and we are finding it difficult to find sits so far.