Pet sitting with my 12 years old daughter, from Chile, in her vacations

Hi! My daughter and I are animal lovers. My family is composed by my daughter of 12 years old, our dog of 17 years old and our cat of 2 years old. I want to know, how are the chances for us to get chosen for pet sit in the US, knowing for expample, that there is a lot of pet sitters closer that us to the US, and as we are new in this, we dont have any reviews )In Chile we pet sit family and friends pets). I will participate anyway because I think that is a very value experiencie that I can give to my daughter. But I would much appreciatte to hear about your experiences and advises. Muchas gracias!

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You will see a number of people on the forums who travel with their children and have success with it. You will have fewer opportunities available to you, but given the number of sits on the site, even this smaller percentage of assignments accepting families can add up to a decent amount to apply to. That there are just two of you and your daughter is older is an advantage I think.

The advantage of looking for US sits is there are way more listings than sitters available to fill them. Some homeowners prefer to choose more local sitters while many are happy to have someone come from abroad, so you will find people happy to host you.

With the ‘family friendly’ tag homeowners can add to their listing (and you can search by this filter) it is easy to see which ones are definitely open to having children in their home.

You may find you want to apply to sits that do not have this ‘tag’ and it is possible the HO may be open to having a family come, especially if they haven’t gotten any other suitable applicants. You could try applying, but that may lead to a lot of rejected applications and be a bit discouraging.

If a listing specifically says it is not family-friendly, I wouldn’t recommend applying anyway, trying to convince them otherwise. It would probably be a waste of time.


Hi welcome, we apply for petsits as a family of 5 and are fairly new to THS. We started applying end of February this year. We have had our fair share of rejections but got many confirmed sits for this summer. There’s no harm in applying. Good luck


Hi @FranciscadelRosario and welcome.
If you mention your own pets in your profile I would also mention that you have someone to care for them while you are away house and pet sitting. If you were hoping to take them with you that would make finding a sit even more difficult. Good Luck with your plans

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@FranciscadelRosario you mention you look after pets of friends and family - get them to write you some references for your profile, this will greatly aid your chances to land your first few housesits.

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Hi @FranciscadelRosario and welcome! I housesit with my sons aged 14 and 12 and sometimes also my husband when he doesn’t have to work. We are usually successful finding sits in school holidays or on weekends.

We’ve been sitting in our school holidays for 4 years.and are currently on our 19th sit. Most, but not all have been listed as “Family Friendly”.

So far we have only done sits in the UK where we live, so can’t yet comment on how easy it is for a family to find a housesit ina different country. Maybe next year!

Good luck!

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