Do pets miss their owners?

I’m so sorry you had bad experiences but very happy to hear your TrustedHousesitters exceeded expectations by the sound of things! Fingers crossed she’s really content on this sit… and I’m sure that will be the case! And wow… that’s an amazing trip you have planned. Particularly like the sound of the kayaking and camping. You are right it’s definitely been a long year ++ and we all need some normality again. Have a wonderful time!

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Only once, I had a sit where the dog acknowledged the owner when she arrived. But refused to sleep with her the last night before my departure.

It’s usually cats that punish their owner for leaving them! That’s an interesting story.

Not mine! The first years we only asked our neighbors to feed the cats twice a day and, especially my tom, was so excited when we got back that I feared him to get a heart attack. He kept running around for hours.
Since we have sitters staying at the house and them keeping a schedule, he goes like: “oh, you’re back? Nice, but I haven’t missed you.” :rofl::rofl::rofl: and then he walks out the door to come back some time later. But he is never pissed and punishes us for going away.

With all the sits I have done and my girl friends, we don’t know what goes in the house and H O never always disclose everything. You find out when you are with the 4 legs. At this moment, the one I am sitting has never been for a walk. The HO told me, they hike, they swim and etc. When we went out for first time to the beach, she did I all the symptoms not being in the street. Sat and smell for hours each part of the side walk. When crossing , was so scared from cars. The 1 mile beach road was not done in more than an hour. Was looking at me like what are you doing to me.
As many questions as you ask , be prepared for everything.

Hi. I’m Canadian. Our border is open to international travellers who are vaccinated, without requiring quarantine, as of yesterday. Refer to the article in this post: Canada Re-Opening in mid August - September

Thankfully you’ve had an excellent sitter already, so repeat your radar for red flags and all should go well. Be clear with the sitter as to your expectations, especially with how often they connect with you. I’ve done a sit where the owner said the pet had anxiety issues. When they came home, and I had to stay overnight, the dog left their room and settled on a spot half way between the two bedrooms (and they were far apart). The next day the owner said she realized she was the one with anxiety issues, not the dog. :grinning:

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Woohoo! That’s wonderful! I wish I had the time to travel :luggage: but it will have to wait for some time.