Do sitters expect to be tipped?

We are brand new and getting ready to post our first set of dates. Does anyone tip their sitters and if so, how much?

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Now, my answer to your question would be no. There is never a reason to need to tip your sitter as this is a mutual exchange between sitters and pet parents. Pet parents are getting someone in their home to care for their pets and watch their home while they are away, and sitters get the opportunity to experience new locations, but most importantly, love on some awesome furballs!

Many pet parents do tip their sitter but I find that leaving a gift basket filled with treats to get them through the evening and breakfast the next morning, as well as pamphlets on local attractions, pubs, shopping, etc. are more appreciated. This way they aren’t throwing down their bags and heading to the store for meal prep instead of getting to know your pet(s) as they should. Personal preference to me, and others have a different opinion but it has always worked in my situation with more than 20 sitters in my home during the time we still had our little girl.

I am sure you are going to get various opinions and ideas, and really, all are good, but just remember, no fees can be paid to a sitter for their services.

Enjoy your new adventures that are awaiting you!


I figure you tip people who are doing X for a living. If not, then no. If someone wants to express appreciation, there are various ways to do that without offering money.

It’s nice if HOs offer a gift, but I don’t expect anything. And I usually leave before the HOs return. To me, if I’m returning from a trip, I don’t want anyone at my home — I want to unpack, get squared away and unwind, without having to entertain anyone.

I’d appreciate a great review.


We don’t expect tips. Twice homeowners offered and we turned them down. Feels like a violation of the spirit of TrustedHousesitters.


Definitely no tipping is involved as housesitting through THS is a mutual exchange. However, it is always nice when the home owner provides a little something and some milk at least is welcome.
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No, I have no expectation of being tipped. There have been two times a HO gave us money.

In the first instance, she was really insistent on wanting to give us something even after I told her it was fine–we were communicating by Whatsapp–and she ended up sending us money through Venmo.

The second instance, right when we were walking out the door, the owner slipped us 40 bucks. I just took it and thanked him. We used it to buy lunch on the way to our next sit.

So if I were to encounter another instance of someone wanting to give us money, I may say not to worry about it, but if they still wanted us to have it, I would just take it.

One thing that has helped me with my finances is not making money such a big deal, and being comfortable with people wanting to give it to me!


We would never accept cash, but little gifts such as wine or chocolates are very much appreciated. One HO left us a voucher for a posh restaurant which was lovely, and very thoughtful. Just give us a review please, preferably 5 :star2:. :smiley:

I feel awkward when they offer cash. It makes me feel that there is a difference in social status.

But I welcome dinner invitations, bottles of wine, etc :slight_smile:


I received a $75 gift card to Amazon from a homeowner after the sit. They bought resistance bands and the rest of the money was used to buy puppy food for thedog rescue organization that’s been posted here. Instead of tip, I would rather arrive to a very clean house. Not one where we have to clean the house and pick up lots of dog poop upon arrival

Don’t tip them, be kind to them, that’s enough.


We’ve been tipped once (it was in a card that was slipped in our bag with a note saying “please have dinner on us, love your four fur babies”) which was sweet & subtle. Otherwise it’s been gifts or a bottle of duty free on their return or wine left as they leave or similar. All are welcome if it suits the host but none are expected. We both worked in hospitality and tourism for many years so not offended by a tip.


We do not expect anything but are happy to accept anything that is offered to us. I can’t understand why anyone would be happy to be taken out for dinner yet feel awkward to accept a ten-pound note.


Thank you all for your quick replies and exceptional ideas for thanking our sitters! I am looking forward to being a HO and a sitter on THS!


We’ve never been offered a tip- maybe that’s more a US thing? We’ve not yet done a sit in the States. But if a host really wanted to give us some money- e.g to go out and have dinner etc we would not refuse! We have frequently been taken out for dinner or cooked for by hosts we’re overnighting with. Many hosts leave bottles of wine and/or other goodies. Some invite us to help ourselves to anything and everything! This gives a great feeling but we never abuse such generosity. Everything offered is very much appreciated but nothing is expected!
For us the best gift is a fabulous review posted in a timely manner- e g within a couple of days of the sit!
We also very much appreciate kind, friendly hosts, & a welcoming clean home where its clear the host has made an effort to prepare for us like they would treat an honoured guest. :blush:


We’re sitters and we would never expect a tip, but some owners have left us different things, such as milk, bread, fruit, wine, biscuits, cakes etc, which we hugely appreciate. Also with things like local bread, cakes, and wine, it’s not usually a brand we would have bought (as it’s their choice), so it makes it feel a little extra special (sort-of like eating in a cafe, instead of at home).

But we never expect anything, it’s just lovely when it’s given. We’ve also had gifts when house owners have returned.

I think if we ever received actual money as tip, I’d prefer it to be left in a card at the start so we could put it towards a takeaway or towards a treat during the first few days, rather than after we’ve left.


As a sitter, I would say the best form of “tipping” is to leave a nicely stocked fridge/freezer/cupboards, and let us eat whatever we want (in moderation of course)… helps to offset the flight/travel and duties… in my opinion at least :slight_smile:

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I have always done that with my home/pet sitters in the past though many don’t eat anything; at least that I notice. Think I will try and do the gift baskets along with carte blanche of the cupboards. :slight_smile:

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What I learned from reading this forum prior to my first sit was to NOT leave a fridge full of food, but to make sure it was empty! :laughing:

I am only slightly kidding, but really what I learned was to ask sitters ahead of time what their preference is re: perishable food. Some welcome things like milk, eggs, some fruit and vegetables, and others see it as something extra they have to manage.


A clean empty fridge please.
There are so many food allergies that empty spaces make sense.

No, please leave that to the sitter. Don’t throw out good food.

(But yes, of course there should be space in the fridge.)