Do Sitters Prefer Longer Than a Week Sit?

Hi …

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I had a quick look and, as far as I can see, there’s only one sit in Ontario with chickens atm titled “Country Living, Hens, Jazz & Mindy”. If that’s you, here are some things that potential sitters may find off putting:

  • quality of photos: many are dark and don’t really give a sense of what the rooms the sitters will be using are like. Good photos of the bedroom offered, kitchen and bathroom are particularly important. Sitters have a lot of choice so they naturally gravitate to homes where they can clearly see where they will be staying/using. Lovely pics of the dogs and hens but no need for two photos of eggs, for eg (although it’s lovely to have fresh eggs of course!)

  • the wifi issue is pretty big as many sitters are remote workers and need good stable wifi. If there was any way of improving that it might help.

  • A lot of expected garden/yard work like weeding and mowing would be a turn off for me as I have my own garden to maintain. I don’t mind watering/collecting veg but wouldn’t want to take on lot of gardening duties. That would be more like a working holiday. Perhaps for a week that’s not necessary?

  • A couple of sitters comment on the amount of work the chickens are (and then there’s the bad review, which happens sometimes I know). Again, this goes back to the ‘working holiday’ point. You might be lucky and find someone who adores chickens and mucking out but many people will see cleaning coops etc as a chore. Not saying this to be negative, it’s just feedback on why you may not have had applications when there are so many other sits on offer in Ontario.

  • A lot of sitters don’t like any kind of cameras present (if you search on the forum you’ll see discussions about this) as they feel they are sometimes used to check up on sitters, something one of your reviewers mentioned.

Hope that’s helpful. Good luck finding a sitter.