Do sitters state their surname in sit applications?

In my sit applications I state my christian name and surname in the introduction. Should I be doing this or just stating my first name? What do other sitters do?

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Hi @Crookie, I only ever use my Christian name. It’s only when a sit has been confirmed and we are exchanging private messages that I will include my surname but some owners don’t even want to know that.


My personal preference is also to use first names only until a sit is confirmed


We just use our first names - only because using our family names seems a bit too formal.

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First name only usually, unless I am sitting in a larger place, like a condo in Singapore, with security, and I need to send some id.

I once arrived at the airport in Phuket in Thailand expecting the HO to meet me as arranged, but she had been delayed, so I was met by a taxi driver with a name card… She didn’t know my second name…


I don’t see the reason why applicants wiould not give their family name to HO. Or their telephone : it helps a lot to my point of view !
Many people give their ID to a rental car company, an airline, a hotel, their telephone, their email, and not to HO ??

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For me it was just sometimes I forgot! When you apply for a sit with THS only your first name is given, unless your full name is in your profile.

I have had instances where I have applied for a sit, confirmed and at the very last minute realised I don’t have an address to travel to - sometimes so busy asking about house, pets, etc you forget the basics - so it’s not so much not giving a surname, just forgetting.

Oh and often I don’t know the surname of the HO until I arrive - even then I am sure there are a few I still don’t know.

If they provide a welcome pack then name and address are included, but that doesn’t always happen, sometimes doesn’t work, or if a sit is very last minute there may be no time to complete one.


During initial discussions, I only go by our first names and keep the conversation through THS. Once the sit is confirmed, we exchange personal email addresses and take conversations “off line”. Next step is exchanging full names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. of all parties (i.e. we sit as a couple so I provide both our details and I request similar of the HO (if applicable)).

That’s our process and it has worked well. We have never done a sit where this information exchange has not occurred in advance of the sit.

I also create a WhatsApp group (our preference for keeping in touch during the sit) and do a “test” prior to the sit to confirm everyone concerned is receiving the messages.


Usually if owners fill their home book, you know their family names, their full adress, their email adress, i’ve been amazed by your picture : " Peter doggie" !!!
I thought all sitters wanted to know where they go and sit, the exact adress , the name of the HO (and vice versa)
What would happen if the HO does not show up at the airport (or the train station ?)

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I guess that is part of the “trusted”. I travel around SE Asia.
The address I got in Bangkok on my very first sit was, I think, Soi 14, Sukhumvit road, Bangkok. I later found out that Sukhumvit Road is one of the longest in Asia, about 400km long, stretching across Thailand, but the Taxi driver knew where Soi 14 was.

Addresses in Asia can be a bit vague - especially in the countryside - the sit I am on now I received a picture of the front door, which is next to a dog kennel, up a lane.

(Edited, I got my Lorong(Indonesia) mixed up with my Soi(Thailand)


I use my first name until the sit is confirmed. Upon confirmation I send the homeowners my full name, address, phone number and email address.

@Candide - People tend to give their ID to rental car companies airlines etc when booking - not when enquiring.
Once a booking is confirmed the home host can have all the info they want but we are talking here about on applications of which the majority get declined so there is no reason that those home hosts would want anything but the minimum of personal details.


it could be useful : sometimes an owner declines an application but explains he will keep the sitter in mind for another opportunity. If he has your telephone, that will make things easier.

Also, when you pretend to be english, german, or french, giving your full name is a often a good proof of real identity (I know that a family name does not proove much in USA but in Europe it’s fairly different)

THS asks now american members to give their social security infos and some sitters seem to accept, so I don’t understand why others would refuse to give their name to HO ! The “risk” sounds much less important.
Everyday we give our name and telephone or email when we buy something on Internet. Don’t we ?


I agree with all the others that I apply with just our first names and once the sitting is confirmed I may supply my surname.
As @temba states, sometimes owners don’t ask for your surname or address.

If we read this thread in conjunction with the new Background ID checks it just makes a nonsense of what THS is asking for when the majority of HOs that I have sat for are not interested in asking for my surname or address.
I am happy to supply any information if asked but HOs are just relying on reviews.


I list my full name and phone number on my applications. This allows them to google me and find out more, if they want to, prior to deciding if they are interested in interviewing me. Once we are confirmed, I also send my husband’s full name, cell number and our full address. I also ask for their names and contact info, if they don’t already have their welcome manual prepared to share.Just prior to the sit, I send our emergency contact info to the HO. We also get permission from the HO to give their address and contact info to our emergency contact. If we are not responsive, something clearly has happened to us. Thankfully, that has not happened thus far.


Have you heard of What Three Words?

For example: what3words /// The simplest way to talk about location

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I subscribed and don’t understand at all how it works…

Hi @Candide and happy Sundyay! Just checking… are you meaning What3words or something to do with TrustedHousesitters? Thanks for letting us know.

Sorry if i was not clear enough, yes I meant What3words.

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If I go to the website, it gives me a three word identifier to my exact location. If I give those three words to someone, and they type (or copy/paste) them into the website/app, they will see exactly where I am.

There is a unique three word identifier for every sq metre in the world I think.

For example, if you go into the website/app and put in this identifier, it should put you on the beach of a park where I live.


**Spelling is very important