Do you do a one night overlap of owner and sitter?

It all depends at what time of the day the owners leave and come back.
Usually we discuss this during the initial chat.
We had everything from a 1h handover to a 7 day handover! Never arrived when the owners were already gone, we prefer going through everything & meet them.
Occasionally we leave before they come back, once we’re sure they’re on their way.

What is a 7 day hand over? That seems long please elaborate. TIA

They owners decided to leave a few days later than planned & we had already booked our flights (we sit internationally), so they let us stay at their place as originally foreseen + introduced us to family & friends so we had a support network. We got along really well & they were occasionally working so it didn’t really feel like 7 days.

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We’ve had all types of experiences- from overlapping the night before and /or the night after, a visit prior to the Sit and then meeting/not meeting for handover, no meeting at all just a video chat before. Mostly we leave before the owners return- either their wish or ours (if they arrive late or we need to move on elsewhere) In all these different scenarios it all worked out well as we made sure to have clear communication with the hosts before & during the Sit. If we leave before the owner return its always our priority that arrangements for the unnattended pets are very clear.
Each Sit arrangement is very individual &
It’s different every time!