Do you host sitters who are coming from a distance?

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Your question has been asked by many, many members here on the forum, and honestly, it is a personal preference. Before we became sitters we were pet parents welcoming sitters into our home to care of our sweet little girl Sassy and to take care of our empty house. We always invited the sitters in the night before for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it was to introduce them to our baby so she was comfortable with them being there and us not just springing strangers on her right before we left. Secondly, it was an opportunity to just have a relaxed conversation with them over dinner, learn about their sitting adventures and let them settle in with a good night’s sleep before the handover. Thirdly, it gave us a chance to show them the “lay of the land” so to speak, with a tour of our home, how the heating, ac, sprinklers, etc. worked, and let them ask any questions that may have arisen (and believe me, there are always questions). But once again, this is all personal preference.

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