Do you read the prospective sitter’s profile

So they didn’t read? That’s encouraging :laughing:

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@Marion I am curious to know if the next application was identical to the first or altered at all? A Bot would only see it as a new listing and would fire off the same standard application. As you are in NYC I would suspect you would be a prime candidate if Bots were indeed being used on the site.

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This happened twice. I think in both cases the application letter was short and could have have been cut and paste. I don’t think either were bots just based on both sitters not seeming to be sophisticated enough. I think they just thought persistance would pay off.

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In our experience, a lot of HO don’t read potential sitters profiles.
We have been contacted numerous times for potential sits for unneutered dogs, despite our profile stating we look after neutered only.

I now feel vindicated for my War & Peace length application. This morning I applied for a sit we liked the look of, using my trusty ever-growing application template.

Five minutes later, I had a response…

“Wow, what an application!!
We’d love you to sit for Rosie. We are very happy for you to have extra days either side of the sit just let us know.”

Did they really love it so much or did my dastardly plan of getting them to the point of never wanting to spend another second of their lives reading another application work again?!!


What are the key areas/points contained in your template (if you don’t mind sharing your high-level outline)?

@Colin My application is also on the lengthy side and, like you, I had a response this morning from owners who appreciated the detail and personal touch. They reached their 5 applications quite quickly. We have a WhatsApp chat scheduled for tomorrow.