Does size matter? Know your bed sizes around the world!

In Europe the sizes don’t have names. I have no idea what the difference is between a twin and a double. We use (metric) measurements to describe the size.

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Oh bed sizes… and bed linen… so confusing :slight_smile: I once did a lesson on this while teaching English in China and realized just how complicated it is for travelers (and by that score house sitters!!) It’s why (outside of UK) we don’t travel with our own linen as some others bravely do :slight_smile:

Here’s a great image… at least for a few countries…

Here’s the link to the article as the image isn’t that clear… but it does demonstrate the complexity!!

Finally of course, don’t forget IKEA who have sizes unique to them :rofl:


I thought the sizes would be different. So maybe some other kind of metric. We just got back from being in Europe for 3 months and staying in Airbnbs and they all listed their beds as either double or queen. That may have been how Airbnb requests them since it’s a US company. Thankfully all the places we stayed had a comfortable size bed for two!

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In Germany a Double Bed (double meaning for two people) is about the size of a King. I think an American Double is something completely different, but I don’t really understand it :joy:

In the US, to me, “double” and “full” are the same thing and this bed is smaller than a queen size. “Twin” size is a bed for one person. “Double/full” can be used for 2 people but is pretty tight, in my opinion. Two shorter, smaller people might find it just fine, but we prefer at least queen size.

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When I listed our house I out in the measurements of the bed so that there would be no confusion. I find continental beds can be enormous.


Here’s another cross-country comparison that includes Europe and Latin America: Bed Sizes Across The Globe | Size Guide | The Wool Company


This is a bit OCD @Vanessa-Admin :sweat_smile:

Bed linen: we travel with two king size sheets which fit every size of mattress … “How?” I hear you say,

They are large enough to fold in half and use as a bottom and top sheet, without feeling trapped (I am one of those “top sheet” people) they have saved numerous amounts of bed linen laundry chores. … I don’t travel light and they have to be white :wink: . as I say, hands up to being a little OCD :wink: … and of course there is a thread about sheets and towels @Snowbird : :rofl:

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We like the suggestive title of this thread :rofl:

We haven’t really thought of bed sizes. During our last pet sit (which ended last weekend) we had to share a queen (US) bed. At home we have a California King bed, so the queen was definitely not wide enough for 2 people, plus Mrs. Bun sleeps like a starfish and requires extra space. Mr Cat had to sleep on the living room couch, where he claims he was super comfy and got some good sleep.


My husband and I got our first king sized bed when we moved two years ago and if I see a homeowner has a king sized bed that’s a huge on a sit now that we’re spoiled! I usually find in Europe the beds are more a double size than a queen.