Dog destruction on sit?

On a sit with two small Frenchies. HO noted to keep upstairs doors closed and things off the floor because the dogs get into things. Totally fine, I get it and have been vigilant. Left my purse on the dining room table and when I got out of the shower found they had jumped on the table by getting on the chair (I figured a table 2.5 feet off the ground would be short-leg proof), dragged my purse off, and absolutely destroyed my AirPods and case, as well as a mini flower press that was a very sweet gift. I’m gutted and really quite upset because I need the pods for my work/school. As a post grad student I can’t really afford to buy new ones at this point. Told the HO and he apologized but that’s it. Should I ask him for compensation? If I left them on the ground and the dogs got them that’s one thing, but because I actively kept things (what I thought was) out of reach it really feels like it wasn’t my fault. If you were the HO would you offer to at least pay something?

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We see damage to our personal belongings as part and parcel of dog sitting, but there’ll be plenty of others who see things differently. Whether it’s AirPods, clothes, shoes, laptops, IPads, mobiles, & cables etc, or anything else we bring with us, dogs can occasional see things as toys, food, or just good fun.

Dogs can easily jump onto chairs, even small ones so given you were warned about their mischief, so I’m not surprised the owner didn’t offer to pay anything, he told you.

Sorry I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s just my opinion, others will see it differently. Get yourself a cheapie pair of AirPods for the meantime until you can afford the real thing again.


I’m sorry to hear that happened. Having both an expensive item and one with sentimental value ruined is very upsetting I’m sure.

If I were in this situation, I wouldn’t ask the HO to compensate. I would consider it my mistake that I didn’t think to consider the possibility that even though the table was out of reach, they could jump on the chairs that surround it. It’s just one of those things that would seem obvious in hindsight, but don’t occur to us in the moment, especially if you hadn’t seen them jumping on anything prior.


Put it down to experience I would say, learn and move on.
Expect the unexpected.


That’s very upsetting for you. Make sure you mention this in your review. I don’t agree with what the others have said, you were told not to leave anything on the floor not the table. However, I wouldn’t expect the owner to compensate you

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Depending on where this sit is, the owner would be liable for damage caused by his dogs. And he would (or should) then also have insurance for that.

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@pietkuip would you, personally, ask the owner for compensation?

I would certainly ask if he was insured for this.

The owner should not just have mentioned the floor.

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The owner could put a claim in on their contents insurance- however the excess might be £100 plus it would push their premiums up…. annoying but I think I’d put it down to experience…. sadly.

I’d skip it and chalk it up to experience. But if you feel strongly about it, you could ask for help with replacements. If you do that, I suggest you do it in a friendly, no pressure way. And if they say no, back off.

If you’re not sure how to phrase the ask, maybe something like: As a student, I’m in a pinch to replace X. I’m wondering whether there’s a chance that you’d be open to sharing the costs with me.


We did a sit once where we were warned the dog was a chewer and to be vigilant leaving shoes out etc However despite extreme care he managed to steal and destroy a shoe and some nice underwear. I was upset told the hosts about it and they were really apologetic and immediately wanted to reimburse me, which I accepted. That was kind & generous. And we still got our 5* review.


Us too. We had a Swiss mountain dog eat my prescription glasses (only pair). There had been no mention of chewing risks so we sent a slightly tongue in cheek message & pic to the HOs saying “from one to many pieces :rofl:” or similar and they instantly offered to replace them. In fact they sent us to the Optom & told us to order and invoice them. Amazing kindness & no question of it not being the dog’s fault. You just have to judge it, let them know and say they were 3ft in the air and see how positive a response you get. #dontaskyoudontget


You’re entitled to ask the owner to replace the things their dogs destroy.
The owner remains responsible for their dogs (cats on the other hand the law looks at differently). Regardless of what others may do themselves in this situation. Irrespective of insurance, which they are obligated to have. If the owner will actually replace them and what you do if they won’t is another matter, but you are certainly entitled to ask.
Considering they weren’t entirely honest about their dogs destructive behaviour (“get into things” is code for “my dogs are untrained and unsocialsed and undisciplined and will destroy anythign they get their paws on”) you should also leave an honest review detailing their behaviour (pets and owner) for the next sitter to be warned.
Good luck.


Do you have insurance…holiday insurance or house insurance you could claim off?

Agree with others…chalk it up to experience. That’s super frustrating but doesn’t hurt to ask if the HO has insurance for this.

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I’m guessing the home owner won’t want or be able to claim for a 3rd party but my holiday and house contents insurance will cover albeit with an excess.

I don’t have experience of my own, but a friend of mine who is on this site paid to replace a leather purse her cats damaged.
You can ask.

Only pet destruction I’ve experienced is a dog chewing on the soft part of a CPAP mask and that was at a non TH sit for my brother. I was able to repair with tape but I learned to keep the bedroom door closed when I’m not in the room.