Dog owners from Long Beach, California

Hi fellow pet lovers!

We are a couple in our 50’s from Long Beach, California with two kids away at college and two small dogs at home. Planning retirement fairly soon but for now we do a lot of week or two week trips away from home.

I’d like to get some input from the house sitting community about interest in sitting for shorter-duration stays of one to two weeks. We typically do a few trips in the fall and winter with more in the summer months. For our region is it likely to expect sitter availability for shorter winter stays or only longer summer stays?

Our dogs are each about 11-13 years old, around 16 pounds (7 kg). We adopted them from the shelter 8 years ago. They are both very loving but the older one gets cranky when the sun goes down. The dogs sleep inside but can stay outdoors all day without (much) complaint.

We live in Long Beach, California about 4 miles from the ocean. The area is sometimes listed as having the “most pleasant climate in USA” because we never get cold weather and usually only get hot weather in August and September (although we sometimes get 90 degree days in February). When it’s hot, the humidity is typically quite low and it cools in the evening.

Please let us know what you think about shorter sits - are we likely to find a sitter?

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You will definitely find people for shorter sits! In fact, my husband and I have been filling in short dates in between the long dates we have booked already, (dec - feb) driving up and down the coast of California. So far we are as far north as Alameda and as far south as San Diego. With lots of opportunity to fill in shortcuts in between, go ahead and post! I’ll keep an eye out, (or you can message me :wink:)

Most of our sits have been one to two weeks. I don’t think you’ll have trouble at all


I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding sitters for long or short sits. While our preference is longer sits since we are retired and traveling/sitting full time, we do book shorter sit when the timing and location works out. As a matter of fact, we are looking for socal sits the early part of next year. I hope you join and I’m sure you’ll have great experiences with THS!

Dan and Nan

Hi JimonLimon, we also are from Long Beach, Ca with two younger dogs! We recently, in May, listed our house & two dogs for multiple stays from July - January, with most of the dates being 4+ days and over 2-3 holiday weekends. We had very little problem with securing sitters for all of our dates. In fact we got them all filled & confirmed within one week of our posting going live.
I do not think you will have a problem with finding sitters, especially give our proximity to LA & OC (aka Disneyland).
Our first sitters just checked out last week, and it was truly an awesome experience for all of us. We had two beach cruisers that we allowed them to use, and they went out during the day after the dogs had been walked & fed, and explored Long Beach & Seal Beach. They were a young couple from Ireland who had just completed a sit prior to ours in Palm Springs; but us & the other sit were their first sits through THS. They had very excellent references.

Best of luck finding sitters, but I honestly do not think you will have any issue with it!


You will absolutely find lovely sitters I wouldn’t worry. The thing we have learnt is that there always seems to be somebody for everybody in this community it works like magic. Best of luck!

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Hi @JimOnLimon , one/two week sits are fairly average on trustedhousesitters so not considered to be short at all.

The length of your holidays will definitely not be an obstacle for you in finding great trusted housesitters


Hi @JimOnLimon
Welcome to this wonderful world!
I wouldn’t consider 1 or 2 week sits particularly short. Your question has been discussed here in the forum but for overnight or weekend sits, which are more difficult unless someone is in the area and has a short gap in their sits.
As others say, I’m sure you’d find sitters especially where you live.
Good luck!

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One or two weeks is my preferred length and I love California, especially Southern California. I lived there decades ago and enjoy returning from time to time.

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:musical_score::notes:You can check out anytime you like.

:musical_note:But you can never leave! :guitar::guitar::guitar:

(I left my heart in Santa Monica!)


One to two weeks no problem in finding Housesitter’s for that, but I would suggest you put your dates out as far in advance as you can. I have found it very difficult to find good Housesitters with only short term notice. It seems a very good Housesitter’s book up well in advance.


We live in Sacramento county in a lovely community. Our children live in LA and we would be interested in maybe doing a trade in the fall. Our daughter is having our first Grandchild and expecting around Thanksgiving. I don’t know if your interested but we also have 2 sweet dogs. One is a Golden and other is a mini poodle.
Take a look at our home and let us know…thanks

@janet Congratulations on your first Grandchild arriving later in the year - such exciting news!
Just to let you know that if you click on the user name of someone you are interested in connecting with, there will appear a green message box and you can privately message them and start a conversation that way.
Any questions let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help…I’m a bit slow with all these sites.

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