Are longer sits popular or hard to find sitters for?

A question for sitters and homeowners. In the near future, we’ll be away for up to two months at a time. Sitters, is it easier to accept a sit that is shorter? Should we break the two months into two separate sits, one month each, to increase odds of finding a sitter? Homeowners: have you been away for at least two months at a time, and if so, what was your experience in finding someone to sit for that long? Are couples more likely to accept longer sits?

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As a sitter, depending on location, animals and availability, a longer sit is preferred. My longest was 3 months just ended this November. I am in discussion with someone right now regarding a much longer period, 6 months possibly a year.
There is something for every someone and someone for everything. I have also seen longer listings that say they will consider breaking it up or have listed several strings of sits separately that all add up to one long term. This allows more flexibility and opportunities to secure a person, or couple that will get familiar with your home, routine and your animals with minimize stress for all.
All the best!


Hi @KenandMary1998 - In my experience longer sits tend to be very popular. There is a section of the house sitting community that are full time sitters and especially for these a longer sit is more desirable as it gives them the opportunity to get to know your pets and the local community better.
Splitting the period should really only be done as a second option as the changing of humans too regularly can be unsettling for your pets. Also, there can be the unlikely but not impossible issue of who is to blame should you come home to an untidy home or if something is broken.
I would advise in your listing saying that you would consider splitting the period but preference will be given to sitters that can complete the total time required


I agree longer sits are always popular with the full time Nomads. We like a long sit over the winter, somewhere sunny with lots of animals to keep us occupied and very good WiFi of course.

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We are several who prefer long term. It is much easier and there is a great bond with the animal.
My opinion.

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Agree with all the above.

Most of my sits have been a month or longer. I have done a couple where I have either been the first or second on a split sit, and that is not always a great idea - handing over to another sitter, or taking over from another sitter - can be difficult on the animals, and also a trust issue for the owner - what condition is your house in for the 2nd sitter, is all the information being passed over, if there are any problems at the end of the sit, was it the first or second sitter, etc.

For me, the trip to a region of the USA just for a weekend sit, or even 5 days, is a lot of effort and not likely to draw my attention. I search for USA based sits just based on longevity as the primary criteria. The longest sit I have seen on this site so far is about 2 weeks. I am sure there have been longer ones, I just haven’t seen them myself.

Hi @Charlie and welcome. I’m wondering if you are referring to searching sits on the forum, in which case you would be looking at last-minute sits. Most recently, these have been those looking to travel during the holiday season, which often means sits of less than two weeks.

I’ve just done a search of the USA on the THS site. It displayed 631 sits currently in the US. Of those, 158 were for more than two weeks. Of those 158 sits, 50 were for more than a month. It would appear that there are many options for sits longer than two weeks.


Snowbird, you are right. We have a sitter coming in a week to do a sit for us that lasts 5 weeks. And our previous sit (this past fall) was 6 weeks. When I casually look at sits at other HOs, I do see many that are longer, even two months long. So I was wondering if the homeowners who post sits for that long have any trouble finding sitters. Especially since my husband and I will be posting sits in the future that last for two months. So we are encouraged by this message thread. Thank you!


Petermac, we totally agree! And we’re glad to see that there are sitters who prefer the longer sits. Take care!

Hello ElsieDownie! Thank you for your response. We are glad to hear you like longer sits. We’re not down south where it’s warm year-round but we’re in a more moderate mid-Atlantic region of the US. Due to climate change, we get less severe winters. – Happy New Year!

Thank you for your response, Colin. It;s good to see that longer sits are desirable for many. My husband and I are HOs as well as sitters, and we prefer the longer sits, too. And we are coming to the decision that we won’t split the sit into smaller time frames, for all the reasons you and others have cited in your responses. Happy New Year!

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I think you have made the right decision - Happy New Year

We went to Australia for 5 weeks a few years ago and found the best sitters for those 5 weeks. We had multiple applications so I think long sits are very popular and you shouldn’t have an issue finding sitters for 8 or more weeks.
Our trip was through one of the UK s worst winters and our sitters loved it!

Thank you!


I’m Sarah, I share my house with 3 beautiful cats (Molly, Misty and Ava). I’m just starting my journey to learn about house sitting and what happens.

I am a mature student studying conservation. Its likely that I might be away from the UK for 6 months (Sept - Feb). Can anyone share any experience or let me know how likely it is that I will be able to match up with a sitter that would stay for that duration of time?

There is a possibility I could break it up into 2 x 3 month stays so maybe two separate sitters appointments might work.

Any advise would be very much appreciated.


Very likely :star_struck:
Personally have done 3 months but being asked for longer terms now, which is the primary reason I am not asking you for more details as I am already booked but I know several on here who would love to.
Make your plans, set up your listing and dive right in @Sarah_3_Cats and maybe next year for me :paw_prints:


I’ve done 3+ months. Knowing that there is emergency backup is essential, and someone to break up the long stay. Even sitters have holidays and family and friends. Some people here sit as couples, partly for that reason.

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Hi @Sarah_3_Cats - Manchester is our home town! - we left Piccadilly in 2020 to do some travelling, discovered THS and now are enjoying the perfect partnership of pets and travel.
We popped back to Salford to do a house sit a few weeks ago - it was nice to be home again for a while :grinning:
There are many sitters on the site who, like us are full time sitters and find longer sits particularly appealing. Unfortunately, on this occasion,we are not available for those dates but I am sure you will have no problem finding a sitter to care for your cats whilst you are away.
I would advise, initially listing your dates as one block as this is by far the simplest solution and will avoid your cats having to get used to two sets of strangers in such a small amount of time


We are also new to THS and have yet to apply for a longer sit. We love being overseas, however, as US citizens, we will always be a bit cautious regarding visa requirements. We are overseas this year May-Sept, but it’s possible 2023 will take us across the pond again. I’m sure the right match is out there for your 3 kitties…best of luck finding your long terms sitters!