Are longer sits popular or hard to find sitters for?

I am sure you know @Joanne , it is 180 days in the UK for US citizens.
Very doable to travel UK, Europe, in and out of Schengen zone and Ireland visa free long term :wink:


Yes, as our time and opportunities overseas expand for us, we will become more acquainted with the ins and outs of country jumping :wink:


HI @Sarah_3_Cats. You might want to take a look at this post, Are longer sits hard to find sitters for, and in particular some considerations when thinking of splitting up a sit.


Thanks for all the lovely messages and encouragement. Its really nice to know there is a great community of people who can assist with looking after my house and cats. I’ll certainly be back to advertise, if I accept the position abroad.


I was wondering, if there are any digital nomads using this forum who would be interested in longer stays of 3-5 months. We have a big appartment in Medellin, Colombia in the Poblado area with two young dogs.

Or did any of the home owners had success finding long term sitters like that? Thank you! Any answers are greatly aprreciated.

Yes! Muy interesada.
A few of us have done extended sits. I have done a few.
Welcome to the forum!
I have looked at SA a few times and have a trip scheduled later this year.


Gracias! Thank you for your fast reply Amparo, I am very happy to hear that.


Absolutely, we prefer long term sits pending visa requirements for a particular country. We are not digital nomads, but retired. I’m pretty confident that when you decide to post your sit, you will be inundated with applicants. Be prepared and good luck!


Definitely! I like travelling slowly and usually only look for sits longer than a month. Medellin is also on my travel bucket list… hmmm!

Honestly, I wouldn’t be too worried about finding a sitter, a nice big apartment in Medellin with two sweet pups sounds like a dream sit, you’ll get more applications than you know what to do with!


That sounds very interesting indeed.
I think you’d get a good amount of applicants for such a sit! :grin:

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Absolutely we do @olgadmitriewna I did an 8 month sit in Spain and was able to volunteer with a horse rescue centre while I was there.

I connected with a community in a way only “living” in place allows you to do. My Spanish improved, as did my mental and physical health (animals, a Mediterannean diet, sun and outdoor living) I had my family come to visit on numerous occasions, the owner graciously offered her home to them also and I was blessed to have a very special boy in my life who was made to feel as though his world had not changed one iota, who was kept safe, happy and loved while his human family did what they needed to do.

Everyone was a winner, especially dear Bruno.

So yes long term sits are a blessing and really do work but as with every sit be it 24 hours or 24 months it’s all down to the right sit, for the right sitter, the right pet and the right owner … that’s a LOT of RIGHTS but that’s what makes for a successful arrangement, every time.


I wish I could :heart: Diez veces (10X)
This is what is now happening with me and it is so beautiful when it clicks!
So many doors open and things you once thought impossible become possible.


I would jump at the chance to stay somewhere 3 months at a time, up to 6 months if the visa allowed it! I have traveled for work for so long, and now traveling with house sits, I’ve refined my packing to the bare minimum… And that was using hotels where I didn’t have the conveniences of a home.

As long as you’re upfront about it - don’t try to stretch it out once I’m already there haha.

Something that I think would be nice would be for the homeowner to think ahead, accommodating the fact that the sitter might have weird/extra expenses, or can’t take advantage of local things, because they’re not a resident of the area. For example if you are in a remote location, let the sitter use the car. If you are in an urban location, It would be great if you could buy a bus passes at your resident rate. Loan me your library card! Give me a pass to your swimming pool or gym!

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Wow thank you all so much for taking out the time and getting back to me with such great answers. That must have been an amazing time Angela, I hope somebody can experience the same with our place.


Let us know when you’re listing is live!


There is a footnote, or should I say HOOF note to that sit …

I adopted two rescued Welsh Mountain Ponies … a failed horse rescue volunteer, sadly we lost one to colic last year but Hope (pictured) is living her best life in Shropshire, England. Her sight is deteriorating, she is blind in one eye and the other is very poor, but she’s still a feisty little madam.

So staying somewhere for a long sit you never know what wonderful things might happen.

It’s all a great adventure … animal adventures!!


When is the sit for. I will do after October.

Long sits are high in demand and there are very few sits in South America, so you’ll probably get a good amount of applicants.


My heart just galloped. Love this so very much.
You have lived an extraordinary life and that is what makes you, YOU, Extra ordinary.


Hi Everyone there is already a thread about sitters for long stay and so I’m going to combine the two that way you’ll have more great tips and insights into long term sitting for sitters all in one place … that way you won’t miss any gems.

Thank you all for your helpful advice for @olgadmitriewna

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