How to Request a Long Term Sit

Hey there,
I am interested in long term 3-6 month sits. Is there any way to display this request prominently in your profile or do you post elsewhere in the forum? I’m looking to take a sabbatical in 2022 and this would be an ideal opportunity.
Thanks in advance🤗


The most prominent place would likely be your headline since that is one of the first things an owner might see once they click on your profile (headlines don’t show on sitter searches, just name, location and number of reviews). While plenty of people secure sits through private invitations by the owner, I imagine the bulk are posting their listings and the sitters come to them so I am sure you will see plenty of opportunities for which to apply.


Great advice. Thanks

You could consider doing a saved search where you set the duration for a longer period. Unfortunately there isn’t a 3-month setting. You could do a saved search for ‘6 months +’. It wouldn’t give you that 3 - 6 months, but if you use the lower setting, of ‘1 month +’ it may give you too many listings that are shorter than you’d like.


Agree with the great advice already shared here only would suggest highlighting abilities that would be required or deemed positive by a host member. Such as housekeeping, home/garden care (any experience or maintenance you are comfortable with), and anything that would indicate that you are competent in decision making and of course the long term pet care.

Look at your profile as if it were an ad.

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More good tips. I’m gonna spend some time polishing up my profile


Hi @TheGallivantingGrandma
It sounds like you are planning a great journey.
May I add an observation? Just looking at another thread saying how picky we are with sittings and other threads illustrating less than perfect sits that some of us have encountered I would be reluctant to take on a sitting of 3-6 months in case I didn’t like it. An alternative for me in your position would be to organise 3 x 1 month sits or 6 x1 month sits. That way, you will have more choice.