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*Hello, my name is Suzie and I’ve been seeking a sit over 2 weeks to several months. I’m struggling. I have had people decline me within minutes. In the last month, only one person has mentioned they had found a perfect fit. That’s the goal. It’s just nice they told me. I’m 58, now healthy, a clean, neat middle class person in the US. I’m seeking travel and companionship in places I have never been. When declining sits, please don’t be rude. I would care for your home and pets if they were my own. I hope to find something before I give up.


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@Suzie4LSU first of all, welcome back to the forum…it’s been a while!

I understand you wanting longer term sits, and getting those first few sits can be difficult, but can I suggest you start locally searching for sits, even short term, that will allow you to build up your reviews and also get the experience that many longer term sits are requiring.

One of the best ways to start sitting, whether outside your home area or nearby, is to apply for any last minute sits that pop up, or ones that are nearing becoming last minute and then apply. Once you have done these sits and gotten great reviews by giving the PP the security they need to find, you will be well on your way.

I wish you luck, and don’t take it personally when you are declined for a sit…we’ve all been there and it is part of the learning curve. Know that many folks don’t realize the importance of a short decline note and everyone is so busy now, it can easily be overlooked. Honestly, I have probably done it myself when I was the PP and received applications that weren’t quite the right fit or had already been in touch and in the middle of confirming the sitter. Nature of the beast and the whirlwind life we all lead can many times lead to not doing what is right…not really intentional, just a fact of life.


I whole heartily agree. I am trying to find some last minute sits.

Such a beautiful picture of you and those adorable dogs. It seems to me as though so many pets and owners would be really missing out if you were to give up. That’s my opinion.

You’re clearly a real natural and those pooches look ever so content to be in your company. I really do hope you’ll stick with it. I’m a sitter myself but if I were a HO/PP, you come across as somebody I could absolutely trust with my home and have that reassurance that my animals were in very caring hands. Things were quite slow for me when I first got started but I stuck with local ones initially just to build up some reviews and then I was able to be more selective over time and go much further afield. It gave me that edge over the other candidates by offering to go round and meet the pets so I often got chosen mainly because of that.

I don’t always get my pick now or anything like that and I do still get knockbacks with no note from time to time but my opportunities have definitely broadened because I took this approach in those early days. I wish you all the luck with this.


Hi @Suzie4LSU - It can be really disheartening getting declined by home hosts as you know what a great sitter you will be - however, the problem is that the home hosts will have received multiple applications from other, equally great sitters. The home host does not know any of the applicants personally and so can only go with the information they have.

Your big obstacle at the moment is the fact that you have no reviews. If a home host receives five applications, all from equally great sitters, four of which have a track record of reviews from previous sits then I am afraid they will most likely choose another sitter over you.

Don’t despair though, this can easily be rectified in your favour. Initially look for some last-minute sits that have no or very few applications. Last minute sits mean that, if accepted, you will get the all-important reviews on your profile quickly.

If possible, local sits are even better as you will not have to spend too much money travelling

These may not be the sits you really want but your time invested in doing these initial sits will definitely go a long way to help you get the sits you are longing to do in the very near future. .

Good Luck!


Thank you. I am in the middle of Missouri. No sits, but I’m certainly willing to travel a bit. Thanks every one for making me feel better.


Don’t be discouraged, it can be difficult to get started. I started sitting in September and I’m on my 8th sit now and have my next 10 confirmed. It’s much easier to get sits once you get a few reviews. Look for sits in your region, I’ve found it pretty easy to get sits in the Midwest. You said you’re in Missouri, I see sits listed in the St. Louis area all the time, so you might want to look at that area.

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Hi Suzze and welcome!
@Colin gives good advice and I agree with what he says. We’ve all struggled initially to get that first important sit to set us on the road to a housesitting lifestyle.
What jumps out at me is that you like to stay in the home, as there are a few dogs who have separation anxiety so I’m sure the owners would be very happy to find you. Hopefully you’re also willing and fit enough to take dogs out for their recommended walks too. It may be a good idea to emphasise that. I would also suggest you pad out your profile a bit as it’s quite short and you have repeated yourself.


Thank you! I will definitely work on my profile. I worried I was just droning on. I agree @Colin has some great advice. I will work on it.


Hi Suzie,
Please don’t give up! There are homeowners looking for the perfect fit and I happen to be one of them! I have a sit for a quaint townhouse in Annapolis, MD with cats and dogs. The listing link is posted in my profile details.

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I appreciated this good advice - common sense really!

@Suzie4LSU Don’t give up! Declines happen all the time. It’s all about energy and the right fit. Don’t let it get you downhearted Soldier on Suz! . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: