Dog suddenly growling

My dog has started growling at me and lunging on occasion. I’m one week into a month long sit for a 1.5yo labradoodle. She’s not very well trained but we’re doing the best we can. HOs asked me to continue with the commands they use and I think I’ve done that well. She just doesn’t respond like any dog I’ve watched. Tonight I had to struggle to control her on lead when a couple of dogs walked by (she would’ve attacked them I’m sure). Then later I thought she was getting into mischief in the backyard. When I approached her, she started this visceral growling and wouldn’t let me near. Shortly thereafter, she vomited twice in the house and lunged at me for trying to clean it up. Maybe that’s normal, protecting her “stuff?” Idk but it’s very scary. I’ve never had a dog do this. I am concerned because I have some time left with her. Thanks, All.


You should call the vet. There may be some medical problem at the root of this. Not that this is the case, but I knew a dog who had radical behavior changes due to Lyme disease.

Good idea. Thanks.

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Thank you @mars for supporting …

@DianaO you can also use the Veterinary Help Line which you have access to while on the sit, if the dog’s behavior has changed dramatically you need to let the pet parent know, if it’s possible to contact them.

Heard back from the HOs that it’s an issue they’ve been dealing with (!). Distraction is the key. I feel a little better about it and at least know what to expect moving forward.

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Well, it sure would have been nice for them to be upfront about that before you finalized the sit.


That’s very remiss of the owners, to not tell you about a behavioural issue like that. I hope it all goes well from here. If it continues, I’d ask the owners to hire a trainer to come work with you and the dog. You really don’t want to let the situation escalate

If that behavior is continuing while you are there, perhaps the Owners would let you take the dog to the vet, if he/she has not already been evaluated.

Growling and lunging at the person who feeds you, vomiting…could be serious.

That is a long Sit!