A snappy dog - advice please

Hi all, this is not a THS sit, its a friend of a friend but i just wanted any advice on a what would you do please.

The dog has snapped 3 times since I’ve been here. Twice in the past 2 days. Last night i told her to get off the sofa while she was having a clean session and she turned and snapped. Then today while getting her in my van. Which she has done with no issue every dsy so far. She wouldnt jump up so i kind of body encouraged her with an up and she turned and snapped. I’ve messaged the owners daughter as she is more local than the owner at the moment. But would you stay? Would you go? I have a 12 year old here with me, but shes going to her dad tomorrow for a couple of days. Anyway, any input or thoughts would be appreciated. Many thanks. Ps - this is not a sit through trusted.

Hi @Ajsunny , have you contacted the owner about the situation? if so, what does she say?
And how much longer is the sit? If it’s not much longer, you can do the minimum for the dog, let her out in the yard/garden if it’s enclosed, rather than taking her in your vehicle, feed her and mostly leave her be. I have sometimes thought it would be a good idea to have animal- handling gloves with me on a sit. They would come in handy in a situation like this. You could also call the dog’s vet and see what advice they can offer.

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Thank you for your reply. I have contacted the owners daughter. I have another 2 weeks here. My daughter is off to her dads tomorrow so at least she will not be here. If it happens again i think I’m going to end the sit. I hate letting people down but i think I’m going to have to. Just in case the snap turns into more.