Dog tag for sitters

I do like to take a dog off lead when assured by the HO that recall is good and all that, but I’m still nervous. And about outdoor cats and whether they come in at night.
So I found these tags on Amazon - they carry a QR code and you register them. When the code is scanned a message pops up - dog (or whatever) name and contact and a message. I just bought a pair and the message I put on was about contacting me, the pet sitter if the dog is found. Reasonably priced at US$7.99, I think. There are others, metal, fancier, more expensive - search Amazon for ‘QR code pet id tags.’
I can clip them on a collar when I’m on a sit and remove when I leave.


What a great idea @toml! I too have concerns about recall with dogs who aren’t used to me and have toyed with the idea of getting gsp-enabled tags, so I can locate them if they don’t return. I hadn’t thought about outdoor cats not returning though.

Thanks for sharing your find with us!

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GPS tags are $50 each.

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My friend ordered an AirTag off Amazon for $28.99 and has it clipped to her dogs collar. She can track her pup from an app on her phone. You do need an iPhone for the AirTag I believe, but would be a nice affordable option to clip on and off the different pets you sit.

Yes @toml that’s precisely why I havent gotten any!

You can download an app on an Android to access air tags, it doesn’t have all the features but they do work.

I use tile brand tags. You could easily attach one to a dog’s collar. They’re about 25 bucks a piece for the pro style. They are absolute lifesavers… every time I lose my keys or misplace my wallet or can’t find my earbuds… I even have one attached to my old fashioned three-ring binder calendar. And I took one in my computer bag. And if you can’t find your phone, you can press the button on the tile tag and it will ring your phone! Send me a direct message if you want a discount link :wink:

I misplace a lot of stuff when I don’t have a regular place to put things, especially when I’m on a sit. I’ve used that tile tag feature three times already in two days! Such a time saver!

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You can buy plastic keychains with little paper inserts at the hardware store for seven for about 5 bucks. Write your own phone number on the paper. I can’t imagine trying to scan a QR code on the tag of a dog that didn’t want to get too close to me or would be snappy… But half inch big numbers on the tag I could read from a distance, that would be useful!