Dog walking in wet weather

What are your procedures for walking a mid to large dog in the rain? How long, do you always put your dog in rain gear, avoid muddy trails, avoid street walks, etc.

This would depend on the dog and would be a conversation to have with owners. Some dogs refuse to go out in the rain!


Reminded me of some dogs I know :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not much of a procedure, we try to wait until it stops raining or reschedule the long walk and do a short walk instead. Almost no dogs have any rain gear but we dry them back home (to the best of our abilities).


We would do what the dog is used to, i.e. what the owners do.

Like @Timmy we would try to work around the rain if possible. We have yet to sit for a dog that has rain gear. The owners often have towels they use to dry the dogs and keep these just inside the door, to dry the dog when we get home.

Of course if you are sitting a labrador they will probably head straight out of the dog flap after being dried and either roll in the mud (or worse) or sit in the pond!


My favourite breed of dog is the one that refuses to go out in the rain :wink:


Send Mr Itchyfeet out with the dog while I read a book

That’d be one big dog flap then!

@Smiley we just looked after a labrador who did exactly that, and he had a big dog flap! I could probably have fitted one of the kids through it!

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Wouldn’t work for water dogs :joy:

no problem with my black lab luna. She loves water, but if it is raining too heavy she stays still looking at me, i think she is thinking “where the heck do you want to go?” :laughing:

Those are my fav too. Lol. Just like me. :hugs:

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Dodging showers at the moment. Mr keeps an eye on the rain radar and we go out accordingly.

Interestingly enough, being in the PNW right now and have seen several dogs out being walked with wet weather gear. They’ve had an uncommonly dry fall, so most folks are ok with some rain. We chose to watch cats in this part of the country, with such a high probability of rain. I’m pretty sure we made a conscious decision to rescue kittens, after sitting with my Mom’s dog one long ago snowy and wet :snowflake: winter :wink:

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As a HO, we have HS raingear hanging in the garage and towels for the dogs. I expect the dogs to be walked to maintain their usual routine. Is this too much to expect from a HS?

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Of course not @emmieo! We don’t have to enjoy it though :joy:

Agree, keep the pets into the routine that they are used too. Be it walking in the rain, the heat or at certain times of the day.

If it doesn’t suit, mention it then and move along. Don’t accept and then not do it. The pets are relying on you.

Christmas morning, took our lovely charge out for his walk & the heavens opened so wide and the angel of the lord did not appear & glory didn’t shine around. Just rain, rain rain. We got soaked and so did Barney. Not our usual Christmas routine but we’re happy in his company and hope he’s happy with us. Merry, soggy Christmas everyone!


Hi @Saltrams and I hear you. We are dog sitting in Jersey (Channel Islands) - known for it’s hours of sunshine. It has done nothing but rain since we arrived. The fields are under water but fortunately we are close to a beach. Each trip out requires the dog to be hosed down and dried. I am sure she will have trench foot by the time the owners return :service_dog::rofl:

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