Dressing Up Pets - Yes or No?

January 14th is “Dress Up Your Pet Day”

The Million Dollar Question and we’re not talking about protective clothing, what do you think … To Dress Up or Not To Dress Up?

This pet member prefers mud to Swarovski crystals :rofl: :dog:


Au natural is perfect


I was once on a sit where Halloween was a few weeks away. It was a return sit, and the pet owners had come to know us quite well. We went to a pet store and sent photos to the dog owner of two extremely tacky costumes and asked which they would prefer their beautiful dog wear. They assured us that their beautiful dog was not about to wear either of them. :scream: They understood our sense of humour. :rofl:You would not see me putting a pet in a costume.


I have to think about putting a raincoat on a dog and have when a homeowner requested, but not into costumes for pets!

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Definitely no. No way.

In an upmarket marina in The Bahamas, one night treat, I watched a lady paint her dogs nails with nail varnish the same colour she was wearing. Matching cosmetics?

There’s no emoji for that @ElsieDownie

I can cope with protective coats when the weather’s really wet or cold but as for costumes, no, it’s demeaning and I REALLY don’t like it.


Definitely not!

Our lurcher loves having her coat or jumper on when it is cold or wet as she hates bad weather! The Twatterjack twins absolutely hate wearing their coats or jumpers and I will only put them on when absolutely necessary, which is more often now they are getting on a bit… When wearing them they walk round like woodentops dogs and try to rub them off on the wall :rofl:

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Now in Florida there is a service, comes home and give pedicure and nail polish to your pet.

Noodles used to love her hoodies! She was always cold. I’d buy toddler sizes from a thrift store, cuff or cut off the sleeves, and she’d be good to go.

(Kinda missing my pooch lately, so looking at these old photos are bittersweet…)


Depends on the type of pet. My own cats sometimes really need it!
They are hairless Elves and don’t like getting cold. Also warm jackets and raincoats for dogs are certainly useful. Everything else is jut for fun. :heart_eyes: