Any HOs who pamper their pets fancy talking to the press?

Let me know asap if this is you. Deadline is in 2 days. Just thought THS members would be perfect to contribute! :+1:t3:

My Staffie was always cold. She shivered if she wasn’t directly in the sun or close to the fireplace.

I used to buy toddler hoodies from thrift stores and modify the sleeves (cut off the cuffs, shorten, and then sew them back on) so she would stay warm. I got so many hoodies for her. Everyone had to comment on her “outfits”.


Fancy talking to the British press about her outfits @MissChef? If you do I’ll put you forward, just message me a few details like a real name & email/what’s app :wink:

She has passed, but I have a LOT of photos of her. Go ahead and pass it along, and I’ll let them decide I guess!

Red and black buffalo check flannel shirt… and I had to be aware because my husband had the exact same style. And he’s not keen on twinning with the pets :crazy_face: