Freezing in Melbourne

Hi my name is GeorgieGirl and I’m nice and cozy.

Hi GeorgieGirl is it that cold in Melbourne?

@KevSteve would love to show how nice and cozy you are but your pic didn’t quite make it on to the “stage” … perhaps @KevSteve can help you try again? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think this might work. And same conditions and same location today, so no change whatsoever, lol.


Hi @KevSteve awww yes I see what you mean, very cozy! :cat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @KevSteve. I spent a very cold month-and-a-half dog sitting in the Sydney suburbs when I first started pet sitting. The area experienced historic low temperatures, and the house was not made to keep the chill out. In fact, it was designed to keep the house cool during the hot spells, which, given how hard it was to keep the house warm, I’m guessing it did really well. I had to tuck the dogs in under cozy blankets or snuggle with them most of the time, and I even went out and bought some wool clothing to keep myself warm. I hope your cold temps have passed and you’re enjoying your kitty time.


Same again today and tonight lol. brrhhhh yes very very old. A bit hard to take after 5 weeks on the Magical Magnetic Island.

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Hi Karen. So sorry you must think I was rude not responding. We’ve been away up to Magnetic Island for 5 weeks and I haven’t been on here since previous posts. Yes we both love the old charm that the historic buildings, both Residential and Commercial have. I love all the old deep foundations of Sandstone, the ones you see driving around the main roads. The extremes in temperatures must have made it so hard in the early days, ( which I would love to have been born in). Cheers Kev, Steve, Gertie Gert and GeorgieGir in Freezing Williamstown, Victoria Australia.


Oooh - I can’t wait to be freezing in Melbourne. One more month; we fly there on Aug 1 from the unpleasantly warm and humid UK. I’m longing to wear a sweater during the day and snuggle under a doona at night…


Arrived in Melbourne last night after 2 months sitting in Ireland and London. It is so dark here at the moment after the long summer nights in the north! Traveling
on home to Tassie tomorrow and will definitely be lighting a fire :fire: tomorrow night!


@therealtassiegirl it looks like Christmas in July (well, almost July)! LOL

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I will be hosting one when I return! But this was Christmas last December and if you know Tassie weather, even in summer we can get snow :rofl:

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Hi @Myhnabird. We’ll be dog sitting in Melbourne Aug 10-Sept 20. If you’ll be in the area during that time, I’d love to meet up.

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Perfect! Which suburb will you be staying in?

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Yay! @Myhnabird I’ll be in the CBD, close to Queen Victoria Market. I’m going to create a new thread in the Meet Ups category, so we can see if anyone else would like to join us. I’ll tag you there.