Meet up in Melbourne, Australia between Aug 10 - Sept 20

I’ll be dog sitting in Melbourne Aug 10 - Sept 20 and would love to meet up with anyone in the area. I’ll be in the CBD, but I could also take public transit to a meeting place if we decide to meet elsewhere. I’m looking forward to meeting up!



Hello! That’s a nice long sit. I would be happy to meet up with you, but I’m not entirely sure I will be here. We are hoping to go away in our caravan sometime this winter. If I’m here, I’ll say yes.

Wow, you’re nicely located! We’re in Altona (I think, will check) but if one of us stays with the dog, the other can catch the tram in.

Hi Karen,

I live near Melbourne and would love to catch up with you. While you are in Melbourne. Im on holiday right now but will get back to you after july 15🤗.

Kind regards,


Wonderful! Yes, I’m looking forward to this sit. I hope we get a chance to meet while I’m in town.

@Myhnabird are dogs allowed on the trams in Melbourne? I’m hoping to do some exploring with the dogs I’m watching and would love to take them on trams to places like St Kilda beach. Also, are dogs allowed on beaches in the greater Melbourne area?

@JeanneandPhil that would be lovely!

It doesn’t sound like Australia is quite as pet friendly as the UK but if the dogs you’re looking after aren’t too big, you might be allowed. We’re looking after a Greyhound so it’s out of the question for us :grin:

Bummer! My dogs will be Labs, the perfect dogs for long days of exploration. Oh well. Thanks for the info @Myhnabird.

Hi @Myhnabird, @JeanneandPhil, @Mstuart and anyone else in Melbourne. I’ve arrived and settled into my sit. I’d love to meet if you’re available. I’ll be here through Sept 20 and am flexible as to when and where we meet.

Hi Karen,
Just choose a dry day, if you can. As mentioned, we’re coming in from Altona and can meet anywhere convenient for everyone. Thanks for organising this.

Oh yes I see you’re in the city. We could meet for a meal; Chinatown has some good options for groups.

Hi Karen, welcome to Melbourne!
Happy to catch up and I’m free most days. Whereabouts are you located?

Hi @Myhnabird, @JeanneandPhil, @Mstuart. I’m in West Melbourne but can meet anywhere accessible on foot or by public transit. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my best days. How does either day the week after next (week of Aug 28th) work for you?

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We can make either the 29th or 31st work. Just say where and when! :grin:

Hi @Karen,

I can be available on tuesday the 29th.

Im also going to be in East Melbourne this Sat. Im working at 2pm and could meet you somewhere for lunch if you are free.



Hi @Karen_E
Tuesday or Thursday is best for me next week. There is a great cafe in Errol St, North Melbourne called Auction Rooms if you’d like to meet for lunch or coffee. But I’m happy to meet anywhere.

Hi @JeanneandPhil. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately tomorrow is my husband’s last day in Australia, and we have lots of things already on tap. So I won’t be able to take you up on your offer for lunch.

I’m glad you’ll be able to join the larger group, so we’ll still get a chance to meet. And maybe we’ll be able to do lunch another time, as I’ll be in Melbourne until Sept 20th.

Hi @Mstuart. It sounds like this coming Tues or Thurs (the 22nd and 24th) work better for you than the following week (the 29th or 31st). Am I reading that right?

If so, I’m available on both the 22nd and 24th. @JeanneandPhil and @Myhnabird are you available either this Tues or this Thurs?

Auction Rooms sounds great to me. Thanks for suggesting it @Mstuart.

We’ll put our vote in for Tues the 22nd :blush: