Edinburgh, UK 18-20/November

Limited last minute spontaneous and impulsive engagement!

Have had some last minute changes to schedule and realized this is a great opportunity to do an end of year “miles run” and use some flight credits so flying in for a quick RT weekend of self indulgence.
Sitters, homeowners, Auntie Angela aka @Angela_L or anyone curious about learning and sharing in the area (or needing/wanting to do a miles run :scream_cat:)…


What is RT Amparo??

Round Trip :wink:
Flying out from the states for the weekend and then bouncing back to the UK for my extended glorious trip.
Wait they’re all glorious aren’t they?

What made me think you were British?? :thinking: Wow, that is definitely a big trip for a weekend, something I thought only I would do :wink: Have fun you! :partying_face: I just booked a tour through the 5 Stans in May, just a little off the beaten track.

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Because I was British in a previous life?

I am nothing like what I’m « supposed » to be.
Explain 5 stans

My uncle was an American/Australian citizen but spent more time in the UK because he reckoned he was actually a Pom also :joy: Never really became American after 50 odd years there, always British lol

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@Amparo when are you in the UK?

Hi @Knowmad
After this Edinburgh trip I return on the 23 November for a string of sits till 5 of February.
I return 12 of March for another string through end of August! :partying_face:
Will you be around?

@Amparo yes, we’re in London from 14 December - 5 January, then Odiham (Hampshire) from 6 January - 23 January, Bushey Heath from 24 January - 25 February. If logistics work we should try to connect.

@Amparo sounds like fun! I love round trip weekends of indulgence too. :earth_africa::airplane:

Sadly we can’t make November as we won’t be in the UK but hopefully will catch up with you again soon :blush:

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London 29 December to 17 January,
Brighton 3 weeks before and a few days after London.
I will post individual meet up dates as I will be all around and then some.

Hi @Amparo … darn I will not be in Scotland for your Edinburgh dates but I will certainly be at one of your New Year meetups :wave: :heart:

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:joy: we really need to make this happen.
It too will be worth the wait.


We are sitting about an hour out of Edinburgh, but I always like an excuse to visit one of the cities I grew up in and would love to meet up. :heart:

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