Editing location listing

Hi, I have tried listing our actual location but keeps defaulting to a different location. Any ideas how to rectify this.


If your actual location is not available on the drop down list, then it may default to the largest closest city.

I would like to suggest that in the first paragraph of your listing, say that your home is in … which is … km from the city. You could also change your listing title to include your town.

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Thanks for that. Bit annoying though you can’t actually list the area.



@MKBODHI we have the same issue so have done what @Therese advises

As a sitter, I always like it when the HO gives a bit of detail about their location. For example, if the ad just says “San Diego, not far from the beaches and downtown”, that covers miles and miles and could easily mean that I would be 20 miles from the beach or any of the tourist hot spots! Twenty miles may not seem like much to the HO, but it’s a big part of my deciding if I am going to apply!