Elder Cat in Need of Litter Box Recommendations

Hello fellow Cat lovers. I have had a friend, Oscar’s mum, chat me up this morning with updates at home and pet life.
Oscar is an elderly cat I cared for in August who has arthritis and renal problems. He has been having difficulties and “missing” the litter box.
We are looking for suggestions that will ease his access and help to limit his aim outside the box.
She is trying a bigger box but he is having difficulty getting in.
She does not want an enclosed box with a flap as they have not worked before. He doesn’t like going in and will go elsewhere.
She is also trying a plastic tray underneath.

Anyone having any ideas/recommendations would be well appreciated.
Thank you

She could get a litter tray with a very low side, maybe even a baking tray. She could enclose it on 3 sides so that if he does miss or spray outside the litter box, it goes onto the “wall” she has created. Cutting off one side of a box or plastic bin could work to make the enclosure. She could also try something like this corner tray, with protection on the 2 walls where the box is placed. https://amzn.to/33rK1ml Finally, maybe a box with a ramp will help her cat in and out.


This is wonderful thank you so much @Lassie. I will pass this on to her.

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Our 20+ year old cat also had aching joints and kidney problems. His favorite litter was the one with the front lower than the three other sides. It actually was an enclosed box at first but we removed the top.

When we started having to clean accidents we bought the bottom plastic tray of a big dog cage (on Amazon) and we put our three litter boxes in it. That way, in case of an accident the floor wasn’t affected. We also stuck some rubber “surface savers” under the litter boxes (about 1 cm high) to avoid having the bottom of the litter boxes all dripping when there was an accident. It turned out our old cat wasn’t the one having a problem with his aim. We also have a 15 year old female cat. After our Fuji passed we still had to clean some accidents once in a while. Our Cassiopée always pees right in the corner of the litter and some of it misses the mark. :man_shrugging:


Thank you!
I will share these with her. Great tips.