Emergency Animal transport

What preparative measures do petsitters take regarding transporting animals to the vet in an emergency? I feel like a car is mandatory–just in case. I’m interested in how others approach this issue.

If you feel that way, then pursue sits with cars offered or rent one if you don’t have one where the sit will be.

From my POV, there are various ways to get a pet to a vet. And around the world, countless people without cars own pets and manage.

There are some taxis and Ubers which you can use with animals. Just tell them when booking.

Fortunately I’ve only had to take a dog to the vet once and was in the UK so used my own car. When not in the UK and sitting for dogs I’ve usually been left a car to use by the owners. If a cat, or other animal, had to go to the vet and I didn’t have a car I guess I’d use Uber or a taxi.

In the Netherlands, there are animal ambulances:

(From File:Kampen overige (14).JPG - Wikimedia Commons )

In France, there is taxi animalier .


I took a dog to a vet in a taxi when I couldn’t get the owner’s car started. This was in the UK and the little pup was in a carrier.

I love the idea of an animal ambulance! Wish they had those in the US.
I had considered Uber or Lyft. I think allowing an animal in the vehicle is each driver’s decision–not a defined company policy.
I hope I never need to rush a pet I’m sitting with to the vet. However, it is my nature to try to be prepared for the “unexpected” on a sit.
I appreciate the input.

There is an Uber Pet option in a number of countries. Perhaps check what local taxi companies offer a pet option before you arrive or even the HO vet may be able to assist with providing options.

You know, I’d not thought of that. I’ll add it to my info sheets. My neighbour’d sort it I guess.

Only go for sits that you happy with. If that’s what you feel, only go for ones with cars. Or alternatively if you don’t have your own car, go for sits that are in towns/cities where you know there are a higher number of local vets, and then a taxi ride is relatively cheap if there is a one nearby.